Friday, April 6, 2012

one word

The goal here is to answer each line with one word. Naturally,found this really hard, as I am babbler/elaborator...if you haven't noticed. Some required several words:

One quality I love in people is: down-to-earth

If my house could only be furnished in one color it would definitely have to be: turquoise

One luxury I cannot live without: internet

If I had to have one designer decorate my entire house with 0 input from me it would have to be: Martha Stewart

If I had to choose coffee or tea it would be: coffee

One place I have been that I would love to go back to: Napa Valley

One place I am longing to visit is: Greece

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

One talent I wish I had was: singing

I think most people would agree I am very: expressive.  

If I could change one quality about myself it would be: temper

One career I could see myself having would be: writer

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

If food is therapy, when stressed I indulge in: wine 

One of my favorite brands for clothing is: Gap

If my life were a book, the title would be: mind on fire  

My favorite flower is: hydrangea

I would love to have coffee and a chat session with this famous person: kerouac

A favorite TV show I can't miss: bachelor{ette}

Hollywood is: crazy

The next presidential election will be: eh.

The one best thing about blogging is: creativity!

A guilty pleasure for me is: carbs

A clothing designer I think that has great style: nicole richie

My strongest quality would have to be: tenacity

Most overrated actor/actress is: marilyn monroe

If my life were a movie, I would want this actress playing me: emma stone

One thing I like about my appearance is: eyes

One thing I can honestly say I love about myself is: work ethic

Town or country: both

One person I admire: husband

Pick a decade to live in, any decade: 60s

My favorite room of my house is: kitchen

If I were an animal I would be a: cat

A book I would recommend to everyone would be: the Bible 

If I were planning a huge family reunion, this is where I would want to have it: bwca

One thing I wish everyone could be more of: real

In one word life is: opportunity

Source: via Vilma on Pinterest

Happy weekend to everyone!


  1. a family reunion in the boundary waters. interesting! if you get sick of a family member, you can conveniently "forget them" at the last campsite. ;) hehehehe. jk.

    fun stuff! happy fri. have a lovely weekend.

  2. Totally agree - people should be more real.

    Love hydrangeas too!! have a nice weekend!

  3. That was really fun to read and I so love photos and sayings! You really know how to write an interesting list and make it entertaining!


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