Friday, August 19, 2016

stitch fix : spain fix!

***Note: This post contains affiliate if you are inspired by this post to try Stitch Fix, please use me as your referral by clicking HERE or any of the links within the post or sidebar!  If you do so, I will receive a small commission to support future Stitch Fix posts for sharing my honest, personal experience with Stitch Fix.  Thank you, friends!!!!***

It's Fix time!
I tend to schedule my Stitch Fix boxes about every six weeks, and usually around a special event or trip.  It is pretty awesome that you can choose the specific date you want your Fix to arrive!  

This time around I was looking for a some fun pieces for an upcoming trip to Spain -- items that could hopefully also transition into the fall season!  

My stylist Hilary delivered and sent me some fun, bright, unique choices -- and a fab pair of jeans!

#1 Uribe Pleat Detail Top (Papermoon)
I think this peplum tank is super cute, with such a darling floral print.  It could even work for fall under a lightweight cardi, with jeans and booties.   The only downside was the fit.  You see that I cinched it with a belt, as otherwise it billowed out and had an odd boxy fit.  It either needed to be tighter on top...or I need considerably larger boobs.  The latter is not going to happen, so...RETURN. 

2. Gonzalez Double Strap Tank (Pixley)
3. Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean (Pistola)
4. Maci Metal Lace Cuff (Kevia) 
This tank I thought I would not like when I initially opened my Fix, as it looked boxy and basically ill-fitting. kinda made me happy wearing it!  Soft material, billowy yet with the hi-lo cut it is sort of flattering, and a bright print.  The thin double straps and v-neckline add a little flair. Something about this tank is fun!  I'll probably return it, but you never know!
These skinny jeans are adorable - a great wash, just the right amount of distressing, very soft/stretchy, and the zippers!  Oh, the zippers!  The zippers at the ankles are fabulous.  The perfect skinny jean.  You know, if you love skinny jeans.  I just don't love skinny jeans given my ample, child-bearing hips.  Plus, I already have three pair in different washes that are just just fine for when I need them. However, if you are a skinny-jeans loving gal, you should request these Pistola jeans from your stylist!!!!  I returned these, though, as I need a slightly looser fit jeans, Hillary!!!!!
I said I'd be okay with a statement bracelet or ring in this fix, and so I was sent this metal lace cuff.  I am okay with it, but I wasn't in love.  I'm more of a minimalist, beads/stone, or leather kind of jewelry girl.  The sparkly lace detail of this cuff is a little much for me -- and it kept sliding around, which was bothersome.  This was an definite return.

#5 Glenice Cold Shoulder Blouse (Collective Concepts) 
I had requested a fully off-the-shoulder top; however, when I saw this cold-shoulder blouse I knew I had to give it a chance!  The ruby color is BEAUTIFUL, and will transition to fall easily with the longer sleeves.  I can see this with black skinny jeans or leather leggings and heels for a night out, or with blue jeans, booties and felt hat as I wear in these pics.  This was my definite keep from this Fix -- I am in love with this top!
Whenever I have a Fix photo shoot to do, my babes inevitably want to join in on the fun!   
Are you interested in getting your own Stitch Fix box, delivered to your doorstep with five pieces hand-picked by a stylist based on your requests and fashion profile?  It is really fun, ya'll.  The stylist fee is $20, but that is credited to whatever you decide to keep.  Another great thing is that it sometimes forces you out of your comfort zone, giving you options that you may never have picked up a store.

Just make sure you try on everything in your box, at least twice, to get a feel for whether or not it is something you would enjoy wearing!  Sometimes you know right away, and other times you need a bit to dwell on what direction you want your wardrobe to go.

You get three days (sometimes a bit more) to try on your items with the rest of your wardrobe and decide what looks best and feels best on your figure, then you just put what you don't want in the provided envelope and mail it back.  Easy!  Fun!  Try it for yourself by clicking the link below!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

finola's room // an update!

Three years ago, when we found out at her birth, that Finola was a girl indeed, the nursery was very gender neutral. We had basically mimicked Cormac's nursery in our previous home, using all the same decor, crib bedding and furniture.   We even used the same pale gray wall color. You've gotta love the versatility of gray!
I figured I would add more girly details as time passed, and we got to know Finola personality a bit better.

Here was the post of the renovated nursery, way back then.   I can't believe how sparse and boring it looked.  You can certainly tell it had not been lived in by a sweet baby yet! So many cool memories have taken place in this room since she arrived.  Endless milestones, games, conversations and stories.

A lot has changed aesthetically, too! Since then a lot of pink, both pale and fuchsia, has been intermingled with the turquoise. The green was basically done away with. Some florals, glorious florals, were also worked into the space! I have a flower weakness.

Her room is basically a mish-mash of pieces - much more eclectic now.

She got a big girl bed (daybed from IKEA) - that is kinda awesome with it's storage drawers and ability to pull out to become king-sized!  I upcycled a crappy little bench I found at Goodwill for $10 and made it a window seat with a cushion.  I chalk-painted the little side table by the chair turquoise -- another "free" item!  The stool by her bed I acquired from my parents and painted/stained. We sold the white wardrobe on Craig's List and are in the middle of converting the closet into a real closet again.  (You'll notice there are no doors yet, and it needs more shelving.)  I've added art prints that are more feminine and reflective of Fin's personality : Bright!  Loud!  Full of life!
So there has been a lot of girlishness happening in Fin's room!  (Which is obviously no longer a "nursery" but a toddler girl room.)  I thought it might be fun to do before & after pics of her room from when she was first born, to now as a three-year-old...

Disclaimer : I did spend ten minutes picking up toys/books in the room prior to taking these pics, as well as making her bed (which I only remember to do half the time.) I did not dust or vacuum or sweep or go to any extraordinary lengths to "organize" her stuff, nor did I edit them the pics any way.  All that to say...usually it looks much messier...but not much"different." 
Here is then and now...
Then...barely used...

Now...more personality!

I have no idea why we originally put the changing table in the closet.  I get weird notions sometimes. You live, you learn!

I have no idea where to put the tent I made.
the frilly pink lampshade I put on the eiffel tower lamp is off-kilter...but that's okay. 
it's nice to no longer need to use this as a changing table!
p.s. that is not fin's afternoon coffee.  my kids don't need caffeine.
Then and now!
You'll notice in the below before and after we moved the dresser out of the closet so we can eventually put doors on and she can have a "real" closet.  Plus, there is much more LIGHT!  Since Fin's birth the magnolia tree outside her window was cut down.  Yes, very sad, as it was a beautiful tree...but I actually love the extra light!
I love how things have evolved in this space.  I love that we have lived in a home long enough to see things evolve!  Yes, we have officially lived in 'the dream home' for four years, making a record for us as a married couple in a home!

I hope we are here another fifty!
+ + + + + +  

How have things changed in your babies rooms as they transitioned from babe to toddler?  

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I have to say that motherhood has been the most lovely adventure I've been on so far.  

It all started five years ago for me.  I was completely clueless -- as we all are, no matter how many books we read or classes we drag our husband to prior to the birth. The idea of raising another human, a sweet little baby, seemed pretty neat to my naive brain -- then he was placed in my arms and all of a sudden the concept of motherhood was overwhelming and too all-important a thing to even fathom.

My focus became this kid.  I quit my job, a job I truly liked and where I was on track for another promotion, two weeks after I went back to work after maternity leave without much of a backward glance...I knew exactly where my heart was and what I wanted to be spending my days doing.  I don't think this is necessary/healthy for every mama out there...but for me it was.  I had prayed fervently that God would lead me where he wanted me to be...and He gave me a clear answer.

Hanging out with this kid.  Learning to be a mama.  Still learning.
Cormac still rocks my world almost every day.  Now having the experience of being both a boy and a girl mom, I see the differences and they are lovely.

Cormac has endless thoughts running through his head, and is constantly buzzing with the energy of one who is trying to get the most out of every moment of his day.  Even when he is watching a show on TV, he is also bouncing on the couch or building a trap.

He loves to draw out plans for tanks, ships, and treasure maps.  I enjoy watching his magical world of adventure enfold every day.

He is super bossy and quite controlling.  I think this may be a "first child" thing, but wow!  He thinks he gets to make all the rules and if they are not followed to a T he can get quite worked up.  We are working on how to be an effective leader, not a tyrant.

I know we live in a parenting world where we are supposed to turn up our noses at our kids having lots of toys ("don't spoil them!!!!"  or "get those kids outdoors, not in their room!") but I'll openly admit that I delight in Cormac's obsession with toys.  (Finola does not have this at all.)    I love the stories he makes up about his "guys" and finding fake spiders everywhere and hearing him make sound effects to go along with all his elaborate stories.   I love that he gets SO excited about cool stuff he sees at Target (like his mama.)  I think maybe it is not even the toy aspect, but just seeing my kid have such JOY about something!  You see the eyes light up and how exuberant he gets telling you all about whatever it is...and that is just plain cool to me.   I remember being like that about things...and still am about certain things.   Nothing compares to a child's joy, though.

He is still a bit small for his age, but smart and healthy.   I'll take it!

His emotions run the gamut!  He feels every feel really fully, which I can totally relate to.

Cormac completed his second year of pre-school and did awesome!  He now can easily write his name and count past one hundred.  He gets kinda frustrated with sounding out words...but we've discovered that he does better with an online phonics program he can navigate independently rather than someone teaching him one on one.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past year of my favorite little boy in the whole wide world...

On a Target date with mama.  He always picks Target for our dates...which is awesome.
He loves finding sticks that magically transform into weapons.  Notice Finola "hiding" in the background!
first day of 4's pre-school!  
enjoying the snow!
very sweet with small babies, like his cousin Sloane.
hanging with sis at the library.
this couch, fairly new, has already taken a beating from constant jumping, fort making, and lounging weirdly.
5th bday!  this is pre-party at our house...darth vader theme, as he loves "bad guys" 
a darth vader costume was a must.
Birthday party fun!  This was the first party where we stuck with inviting his "friends" -- a loose term at five, but still cool to actually see some relationships that have bloomed!
Very skeptical during his first hibachi grill experience.  He is skeptical about most things. 
Dressed as the hulk.  He loves putting on costumes!
Creepy faces are his jam.
I'm sure this was totally safe (photo taken by Dada) 
Tried soccer this year.  He didn't love it.
Forever this kid is picking flowers for mama.
Singing in his Christmas program - went better this year!
Helping mama make his favorite cookies for Santa-- chocolate chip with M&M's!
Mama and son.  His looks favor his Dada overall...but he's got my eye color, nose and lips!
Collecting shells on the beach during our Gulf Shores trip.  He always finds a project to do!
This kid has my heart.
He built the throne behind that Finola is sitting on -- he was so proud!
Halloween is still hands down his favorite holiday!
As a creepy skeleton for Halloween!
Blowing out the candles at his bouncy house party!
So five years have passed in a heartbeat.
From the moment I first held you, all gooey and new... barely being able to get you to stop moving for a hug at your 5th birthday party!


The world is yours, little Mac!  I hope year six is amazing and full of new adventures!
(For both of us!)