Friday, April 12, 2013

preggo vlogs #7,#8 and #9

Wow.  Kind of forgot about documenting my pregnancy on video, er,  Photobooth.

But did a new one recently so I will now play catch-up and share the last three.

Here is 'the one where it is new year's eve and I'm having a wild night...with elmo' - aka 19 weeks.  I seem pretty happy in this video, and like I can move around pretty easily.  Wow - those were the days!  (Now I am in the waddling hippo stage, where I make old lady noises when I sit down or stand up.)

Here is 'the one where I am all by myself...and loving it.'  This is at 23 weeks.  Wow, that feels like forever ago.  I like how I think I look really big here.  That always amazes me.  When you are pregnant you always think your bump looks big, no matter what week you are in...until you get bigger and then you look back and rolls your eyes at your younger self for saying your bump looks huge.  'Cause it doesn't.   But I digress.

And finally, the present.  'The one where there may be construction workers thinking I am crazy' - 34 weeks. Ignore my messy, wet hair.

I am now off to get the kiddo up from his nap so we can meet up with Hubby for a Friday Ikea date - YAY!  We are going to get Cormac's 'big boy bed' and cubby bookcase and who knows what else.  Thank God for two SUVs.