Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wine wednesday: sassy chard!

I can drink wine again!
The fact excites and delights me, as I l.o.v.e wine.
Before I got pregnant I had purchased several bottles of wine that I wanted to taste and blog about...
so now I am finally getting around to that.

The first is...
 Winnefred (Cali, 2009)
A sassy Chardonnay with a kick!  {my description}
"Buttery approach with a bitter aftertaste." {Hubby's description}

I, of course, was attracted to the label - a pinup-like drawing of "Winnefred," wearing a polkadot skirt & sporting retro specs. Apparently she is the champion of a pizza-eating contest, for "wolfing down unprecedented amounts of pizza."
My kinda gal!
The label and description get an A+ in my book.

The taste?  Probably a B.  Good, solid chard.  I personally prefer drier wines - but if you like sweet and fruity, choose Winnefred!  

We drank this wine with a pear and gorgonzola salad and pasta.
However, the label, of course, highly recommended drinking Winnefred with pizza.  Any pizza.
So perhaps that was key.
So I drank it the next night as well.
With pizza.

Much better! 
The spice of the pizza evened out the citrusy kick of the wine.
Added bonus:  It had cork!

I always feel a slight tinge of disappointment 
when my bottle of wine has a twist-off cap. 
 Call me a snob traditionalist.
Am I alone?

love and vino,