Wednesday, October 3, 2012

carb-lover like mama?

From these pictures you would assume that my son relishes devouring a plateful of spaghetti, just like his mama does.  

{side note: I used to order spaghetti on dates all the time when I was really young. dumb! I also ordered grilled cheese a lot.  lame!}  

Anyway, it may appear that he loves this spaghetti feast, but, in fact, breads and pasta rate very low on this kiddos list of favorite foods.  Sigh.

In fact, he mostly just made a mess with this pile of pasta.

He actually prefers the food groups in this order:
1) fruits and veggies
2) dairy
3) junk food
4) breads/pastas
5) meat

I'm sure this will all change as he gets older, so for now I will just be satisfied that he eats his veggies.