Tuesday, March 24, 2015

19 miles

Want to know the secret to running nineteen miles, for the first time ever, like a boss?  All you have to do is complete three consecutive Saturday runs (mine were 15, 17 and 12 miles) on the treadmill, inside a sweaty gym, watching infomercials E! News and Kardashian reruns, and then do your nineteen miles outside, in the fresh air, in 40 degree weather.

You will run it faster than ever,  just from sheer relief of not being on the treadmill!

Complete bliss.

I am happy with those stats, especially since it includes running the first three miles with my dog, who, let's face it, has to "go" about four times every time we run.

Finally I felt motivated, like I could realistically run twenty-six miles.  I couldn't believe how quickly the miles ticked by.  Even after thirteen I was feeling amazing, which is odd because I struggled through twelve last Saturday on the treadmill.  (Reason: changing up my in-race fuel.  I ran out of Gu, so I nibbled on a protein bar during my run.  BIG mistake.  My stomach was in knots for miles.)

But nineteen was good, almost easy.  Does that mean 'twenty miles' is going to kick my butt?  Probably - but just so thankful the weather is warmer!  Now I know why professional marathon runners (is there such a thing?) move to places like Arizona during winter months to train for races.  

That is really all I have to report.  I have been doing a lot more daily yoga stretching, which I believe is helping my knee and body overall.  Longer post on this, soon!  

Last week's training...
Sunday:  Recovery!  (12 miles on the treadmill due to rain...yes, I am a wimp.  I should have ran in it.)
Monday: Ran 3 miles with the kids (double jogger) - whew! they are getting heavy!
Tuesday:  this 16 minute Miley Cyrus leg workout during naps
Wednesday: AM gym - 5 mile Fartlek
Thursday: no workouts due to sick baby throwing up all day long.  unless you count endless laundry as a workout.
Friday: AM yoga class
Saturday: 19 mile run (outside, finally!)

+ + + + + + + + +

Twenty miles this week!  Eek!
Praying for lovely weather and healthy kiddos!

PS: Vanilla Bean Gu - my new favorite!