Wednesday, January 29, 2014

wine wednesday : brownie points for me!

It's been a while since I recommended a wine. 
Not for lack of drinking it, just nothing recently that has inspired me.
I really liked this one, though!
Brownie Points Vineyards 2011 California Red.
If you like a red
with delicious hints of chocolate in it
this one is for you.

Both Hubby and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
(I even bought a second bottle and enjoyed that one the following week.)
I like the cute orange and brown label
and the dessert-like sweetness.
A delicious less-than-$20 pick.

I also appreciated that the label encourages you recognize "fine achievements" such as rescuing a cat or running a half marathon.  Nope, doesn't even need to be a full marathon.  Half is good.
5k would probably work, too.
(I am amused by reading wine labels, if you can't tell.)
Like I need such grand reasons to drink wine.
Heck, I celebrate surviving a day with two toddlers, 
particularly days like today when the pipes froze and we had no water.

Who needs water when you have wine?
Oh yeah - the baby who needs water for her formula.
And me who needs water to clean up all kinds of stickiness throughout the day.
Also, it is nice to be able to flush the toilet.

Thankfully we still had a jug of water in the fridge from the last time the pipes froze.
And I was able to un-freeze the pipes before dinnertime

I'd say that achievement deserves a glass of wine.

 "Have some of your wine, Mama." 
(Said over breakfast.)

"Mama loves wine!"  
shrieked on a regular basis at dinner time when I have my glass.
Yes, my love, I do.