Tuesday, April 19, 2011

baby bump alert: a mover and a shaker

 Two things have changed since my last "bump alert":
1) I now really have to let people do things for me.  It is hugely humbling for me to admit I need help with anything...particularly bending over to pick things up!

2) Baby is constantly moving!  I can now see my tummy contort and shake {which hopefully is normal?}, which only makes me feel more connected to him. It. is. amazing. 

I am also now the pregnant woman who literally always has her hand on her tummy.  Please forgive me if we are in mid-conversation and I zone out, press on a particular area of my abdomen, and grin wildly.  Just ignore it.  Or if you say something particularly sad or shocking, I immediately envelope my bulging tummy with both arms as though Baby can hear what you are saying and I can somehow protect him from it.  Yikes!  Overprotective Mom Alert!  

Weeks: 28
Weight gained: 25 pounds
Hours working per week{3rd shift}: 70+
Hours spent sleeping during the day: 10
Kicks per typical hour: 20+

I used to worry that when I started doing "kick counts" baby and I would come up short.  Obviously not so.  Baby kicks, flip, jumps, karate chops, flails wildly, head butts...it's GREAT!

Keep kicking the crap out of me, Baby Boy - I love it.

 {If I look tired in that last picture...it is because I am.
This mama is done tired, ya'll.}