Friday, May 15, 2015

to the moms...

To the moms with seemingly endless energy.  To the moms who are tired - nay exhausted.  To the moms who stay home with their kiddos full-time.  To the moms who work full-time or part-time outside the home.  To the moms who add on another job or project besides their full-time job and motherhood. To the moms who fight for a cause they are passionate about.  To the moms who feel like they are a lost cause, barely hanging on.   To the moms who keep beautiful homes for their babes.  To the moms who ignore their messy, disorganized house to spend quality times with their babes.   To the moms who work out every day for their mental and physical heath.  To the moms who model healthy eating habits, even when they want to inhale an entire carton of ice cream. To the moms who inhale an entire carton of ice cream...but forgive themselves and start fresh the next day.  To the moms who are unafraid to show their weaknesses.  To the moms who try desperately to appear strong.

To every mom.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself : I am enough.  As I am.  

Because your kids love you - as you are.

+ + + + + +

A few photos from Mother's Day weekend...

I am grateful to be a mom, to have a mom, and to be surrounded by so many inspiring mothers.