Friday, June 17, 2016

'roomie reunion recap' : georgia!

Although my small friend circle has gone through quite a metamorphosis, particularly in the past year, I know my friendship with my roommates from my second year of college is a lasting one.

It began by us randomly getting matched as roommates at a college apartment building sixteen years ago.  As we all know, cohabitation with a person can make or break a relationship...and I am thankful ours has thrived!  We have been through good times and bad.  We have each had our conflicts with each other, and lived through them -- through honesty we have ultimately coming out closer.    We have inspired and encouraged each other throughout the years. In fact, it was during our first "Roomie Reunion", back in 2010, that my friend Beth convinced me to finally start this very blog!

We currently live in all different parts of the country, but don't have to see each other or talk all the time to stay close. While I have reservations and cynicism about social media "friendships" - I appreciate it specifically because of friendships like these.  A way for friends and family who are far apart to still "see" each other and stay connected visually.

It has been a joy to watch these women grow and change throughout the years, each becoming stronger and more beautiful.  Each becoming closer to God.  (No coincidences here, folks.)

I am excited to see where our lives take us from this point on!

Last weekend we had our fourth weekend reunion trip together, and our time at Kristina's home in hot, gorgeous Georgia was so much fun.
fresh off the plane in ATL - reunited!
stopped for lunch at a spot in the "Central Park" of Atlanta
Beth and I split that "fishbowl" - I think it was my first, and my last.   
of course I came armed with my trusty selfie stick.
back at K's lovely home, we got comfy, cracked open some wine and did yoga.  seriously, we did.  not just for these posed shots.
inexplicably we all enjoy red wine and yoga!
all the hydrangea down south are beautiful blue due to the soil acidity -- I was in heaven!!!!!
Beth kept us entertained the entire weekend with her Bill Clinton impersonations and random comments.
Kristina taught a Body Flow class and we got an awesome workout with some of her regulars!
my last photo before my selfie stick broke.  post workout.
stopped in a cute little town and had a yummy lunch of fish bites, fresh garden salad, and lobster bisque.
good food, tasty drinks, and exposed brick?!?!  perfection.
we are butterflies!
we don't miss any photo op, obviously!
despite me getting bit by a fish, we had a chill time hanging at the beach 

dinner out our last night.  we were literally (beth!) the only ones in this cool restaurant.  I wish you could see the dramatic, huge, white leather, high-backed couch we were sitting on!!!
We definitely made some memories and had some moments of growth during this trip.

I love you, ladies!
Excited to see what the next year brings all of us!