Monday, December 19, 2011

be our guest : guest room redo

No matter how small your house is, it is important to have a place for guests to stay 
and feel cozy and comfortable.

Before having our baby, we had a guest suite...which, being the largest bedroom, then became the master suite with the arrival of Baby Mac.  
So we were left with only the pullout sofa bed to accomodate visiting loved ones.  Hubby thought this was acceptable...particularly since we don't have frequent overnight guests. Me? Not so much.  I adore having a guest room in my home.  I don't care if it only gets used once a year...still totally worth it.
Plus, in October both my mother and sister were coming to visit.  
Joy! Wait - panic!  
Where would they sleep?
So, I had to get creative.  
We currently only have 3 bedrooms - 1 master, 1 nursery, 1 office.
Obviously, the office was my only choice.
So now we have an office/guest suite.
This works really well actually...the room has an attached full bathroom that hardly gets used.
I just ditched my own desk space to make room for a comfy daybed.
No biggie, my Mac is portable! :)

Here is the room {before}when we first moved in:

Here it is {after}my quickie recent redo:

 Changes I made were: 
- new window panels {Ikea} -- white brightened up the space!
- lavender-gray walls {Valpsar - London Coach}
- black iron daybed {Ikea - found on clearance for $59!!}
- gray throw {West Elm}
- white bedding {Ikea and West Elm}
- gray and white rug {Ikea - $19!}


hubby's office space {before}
and {after}



So to conclude my guest room tale
the visits from my mom and my sister went grandly.
They had a comfy place to lay their heads...
and I have a guest room again!

Does anyone else feel me on the need to have a guest room?

Much love -