Friday, October 17, 2014

to the beach - with babies!

Today we head to the beach.  I love the beach.  Despite my northern roots (I'm a Minnesota native) I am pretty sure I was a beach bum in another life.

In any case,  I've always loved being outside in all forms possible.  My Dad made sure we hiked and camped and explored and canoed from the moment we could walk.  Most of our vacations involved sleeping in a tent or camper, and being surrounded by beautiful sights.

Sadly, all the photos from those trips are on slides at my parent's farm.  Yes, slides.  So here are a couple I have of little kiddo G, just hanging out outside, as was typical...
up north.
barefoot in a tree.  
But.  Today.  We head to the beach.  As in Florida.  A place my family did not go a lot when I was a kiddo. (our one Florida vacay happened when I was only 9 months old. *sad face*)

So I've been making up 'lost beach time' ever since Paul and I got married!
This is our first beach vacation with babies.  My in-laws recently bought a condo near St. Petersburg that they are letting us use for the week, so we will be road tripping that way, taking a tiny detour to visit my friend Kristina (see this post.)

My expectations of relaxation are low.  My expectations of the kids' loving the beach are high. Cormac seems really excited!  He has learned all about jellyfish and is convinced there will be many (and I am hoping there are not.)   Finola I'm sure will try to eat the sand and run straight into the ocean at every chance.  We shall see what happens!

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Otherwise - beachy blog post to come!  :D