Thursday, March 3, 2011

calling all mamas!

I have zero experience with babies.

While I am {thrilled/delighted/enamored} by the one kicking around in my tummy...
{twenty lovely weeks}
...I don't really know what I need stocked in his nursery to make his first months of life comfy.  In fact, I am quite concerned Baby will pop out and his nursery will contain zero diapers, three million onesies, dozens of adorable hats!  I need to enlist the help of those that have gone before me.  You amazing women who have had at least one baby and are familiar with the real needs of a new mom and her adorable bambino.

Among my many questions:

  How does one choose a breast pump? I am completely baffled by breast pumps! This one looks complicated:


 Are sweet, adorable crib bumpers, like this one,  really evil baby killers in disguise????  

Will a Diaper Genie grant me three wishes?  


So before I go nuts armed with a registry gun, shooting needless amounts of kiddie couture, please, wise Mothers out there: 
help a sista out!

What are 3 Must-Haves on a baby registry?   
What makes "new mommy" life easier?  What do I just NOT need?