Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finola - 7 months!

 Dear Fin, 
Today you are seven months...
and you are teething.
The worst bout yet, with a fever and all you want to do is lay on me or be in your crib sleeping.
So that is what we have done.  I'm sorry you are having a rough day...but I kind of am relishing the extra snuggling.
I don't get to do much of that with you, like I did with Cormac.
Things are definitely different when you have two babes!
But you have been the perfect "second born" child, and sibling to a "big personality."
I know your true personality hasn't emerged yet
(I am finding that it really shines through at age two!)
but so far, so good
little one.
Now for the update...

You are getting a lot more vocal about likes and dislikes.  No words, yet.  But lots of new noises and facial expressions.  For example, the 'piggy face.' This is the exact expression I made as a tiny girl.  Chin tilted in the air, eyes squinting, nose scrunched up.  You make this expression when I'm basically trying to force-feed you vegetables.  You make it when you believe someone should be paying you more attention.  Once you realize someone has noticed your 'piggy face' (and usually it makes them laugh) you start giggling, too!  Sometimes you will just start making this funny, excited, wheezy shrieking noise.  Even when you are alone in your crib.  You could do it for an hour.  Since it is a 'happy noise' I just let you do it.  You get extremely angry during middle of the night diaper changes.  You will whip both legs up and kick them down onto the changing pad at full force, all the while yelling your displeasure about a cold bottom.  In fact, even during daytime diaper changes you make things difficult now...twisting your whole body around and trying to flop on your tummy whilst I am trying to wipe your bum.  
eating paper, scooting to wherever mama is, fruits, mirrors, cords, the jumperoo, headbands (you haven't tried to rip one off your head even once!)

nighttime diap changes, skipping naps, vegetables, especially green ones
Veggies - EW!
Lots of baby food!  I've lost track, but you've tried nearly everything allowed.
As far as "milk" you drink mostly formula now.  I still breastfeed you once or twice daily, usually during the night or in the very early morning, but that is it.  We are nearly done.  I purposely started transitioning you to bottles after you turned six months, when you had been mostly breastfeeding.   It was time.  However, I sincerely enjoyed every moment our our breastfeeding experience together, and would not change one thing!  

You are a girl who loves her sleep.  Naps continue to be twice a day, about two hours each time.  You did skip the morning nap for the first time last week, but then took an extra long afternoon one.   Most of the time you go down smooth as butter...but occasionally you'll cry it out for up to twenty minutes.   Still waking up once a night for a feeding, only on occasion will it be twice.  This is progress!

*You sprouted your first two teeth!  Both on and just after Thanksgiving.
*Started inch-worming and army crawling forward just after turning 6 months.  No true crawling yet, but you can quickly scoot forward to wherever you want to go across the room, so we do have to watch you.
*Move from sitting to crawling position with ease.
*Can take two toys and whack them together.  Clearly a genius.  ;)
*You slept through the night for the first time EVER.  Once.
*Weird rash/chapped skin appeared around your mouth the week you got your first teeth.
*Seems like you perpetually have a head cold.
*Lots, and lots, and lots of drool.

*Your first Thanksgiving!  You were a sweet little dream baby the entire two days we spent at the grandparents...despite your first tooth popping through.  You let lots of relatives hold you without much fuss (unless mama came into your line of vision) and you laughed and laughed with your Pop Pop - you very much love your Pop Pop. :)
Here you are at your first turkey feast!  With your Mimi...and then with the guys.
*First visit to Santa!
"Uh, Santa, you are invading my personal space." 
"I love sparkly headbands!!!"
will turquoise be your favorite color, too?
my cuddly chunk in her first fleece half-zip
 Sibling Relations:
Good!  Er, sort of?!  The holiday season has been interesting because things have been crazy and Mama has been distracted with lots of things and Cormac has been especially "spirited."  But overall he  still seems to love you and you still light up at the very sight of him.  You seem especially amused when he is throwing a tantrum.  I wish I felt the same!
Here is your brother's seven month post - so fun to see how similar you were at this age in some ways...and how very different in others!  
Wait, why do I have to bath with him again?

mama snuck into a pic!
You've got an awesome dada, girl.  Trust me on that one!
thanksgiving...teething with crazy mouth rash (of course!)

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a month, packed full of holiday craziness, and sick kiddos (and mama!)  You never fail to brighten my day, though, with your easy smile and giggle, curiosity, and laid-back ways.

Love you, baby girl.


Friday, December 13, 2013

santa visit : third time's a charm

We trekked off to the mall on Wednesday to visit Santa.
Despite all three of us having colds, we headed out that morning (uh, well, early as I can manage with two kids) and met Hubby so he can share in this always very joyous experience.
The past two years we've done our due diligence and taken Cormac to visit the man in red,
only to see him make disgusted faces or flat out throw a tantrum
I know there are many parents who can relate.

Here is Cormac his first Santa visit, four months old...

Santa looks amazing.  Cormac looks like Santa smells bad.  This is literally the best picture I have from the experience.

The next year was, in fact, worse.  
We saw Santa at Paul's work's "kid party."
Amid the pizza and bouncy house fun, 
Santa arrived.

He may as well have been an ax murderer.
My 1 1/2 year old was not happy, 

Then they hit the age of two, 
and suddenly Christmas is less "fun you force upon them" and
becomes something magical they actually want to be involved in.

This year, we started hyping Christmas early (both Santa Clause lore and Jesus' birthday) and he has been watching Christmas movies on Netflix since way before Thanksgiving.
He can sing Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop and Oh, Christmas Tree.

This year, I knew our Santa experience would be much, much different.
And it was...

He was too scared to ride the train, any coin-operated animal, or the merry-go-round at the mall
("Maybe when I am older," he told me.)
However, this year, he was able to sit on Santa's lap and declare emphatically that for Christmas he wanted "A d-ire engine!" 
Oh, and smiled dutifully for mama (who incidentally had to be told by Santa to stay off the rug if I wanted to take my own photos.)

I couldn't have been prouder.

Oh, and Finola was there, too.  She made weird faces.
But at least I expected that, this time around.


Monday, December 9, 2013

{christmas bucket list}

Okay, so this is more of a 'to-do' than a 'bucket list.'  But since I love lists and lots of other bloggers are doing this, I thought I would join in the fun...

1. Cut down tree and decorate.
the tree!

2. Attend my very first 'ugly Christmas sweater' party.  Yes, my very first, and I am thirty-two. I couldn't find a sweater but only a tacky, ill-fitting holiday turtleneck for two dollars at Goodwill.   Here is a shot of some lovely ladies at our "crafty" Christmas party.  If you could see the detail on my turtleneck it has black Scottish terriers on it with crazy eyes and holly on their collars...

4. Take photos for Christmas card.  I am not sure why I always wait until December to do this.   Anyway, this year we were all sick with yucky colds and there was major snow falling outside so we had to take them inside by our tree. Here is an outtake.  This one will not be the card, don't worry.
family pic fail.
5. Send out said Christmas card.
6. Bake cookies and deliver to friends.  I've never been a big baker but now that Cormac is old enough to help me we have been on quite a cookie baking spree.  He loves helping and it gives me an excuse to use my pretty stand mixer.  Because I don't want to eat the whole batch myself we have been delivering some to various lady friends - mostly preggos!
7. Celebrate Christmas Eve/Day at our home -- for the first time EVER.  Usually we are in MN or at my in-laws for these two days...but this year we will have 'our' family celebration on the actual night/morning of Christmas.  I don't know why this means so much to me...but it does.  It is what my family did growing up, and it is what I desire for our little growing fam.  However, the entire weekend prior to Christmas will be spent with the Hubby's fam, and the day after Christmas we will drive to Minnesota for a giant reunion/celebration/crazy gathering at my parent's farm.  It will be nothing short of chaotic.  So excited for all the festivities!
8. Make cookies for Santa.  Set out, with milk.  Cormac already knows exactly where we will set these.
9. Purchase and hang mistletoe.  I actually got what is called a "kissing ball" at Michael's...and I adore it.  There was already a hook set into the huge doorframe between our kitchen and living room, so I decided it was fate that some mistletoe (or, fine, a kissing ball) be hung there.   SO worth it.  Cormac is constantly "catching me" under the kissing ball and running into me at full speed and kissing my legs.  Or I bring him or Finola under there and give them a million kisses, which he thinks is hilarious.  Or if he refuses, Hubby and I take a turn under there.  Also kind of nice.  :)  Best 6.99 I ever spent.

10.  Have all presents purchased and wrapped by December 15th.  Ha.

Okay, I'd better stop at ten.  It is a nice round number, and I prefer not to overwhelm myself.  Couple things I had to leave off the list to maintain my sanity -- the Elf on the Shelf thing (it looks fun but think I will wait til the kiddos are a bit older) and creating and carrying out an advent calendar.  There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest, but again, with all our travel and craziness and an infant I don't want to make myself crazy crazier than I already am.

What's on your Christmas bucket list this year???

Monday, December 2, 2013

tree cuttin'

Saturday morning it was time once again to drive out to the tree farm we always go to and bring home our Christmas tree.
It's our tradition, and I love it.
Last year during this excursion we took some family photos and I had a itty bitty baby bump:
Hard to believe how tiny and different Cormac was just one year ago.  
Barely saying two words and so still a baby!  Now he is all arms and legs and won't stop talking to save his life (and I love it!) 
Besides Cormac getting huge...Finola made her entrance into the world and suddenly I have TWO children!  This definitely added to the fun of the tree cutting experience
Despite both kiddos teething (his two year molars started coming this month and her first two teeth are now officially here!) we had a lovely morning, sun shining bright, cold but not freezing, and just a little bit of snow crunching beneath our feet.

So, is your tree up yet?
I am currently in the midst of 'trimming' ours...
and have only had a few minor meltdowns about it.
{Hormones, people.  Hormones.}