Monday, February 20, 2012

happy, happy seven months!

My baby boy is not perfect, by any means. 
It would be boring if he was. 
For example, now he makes this "stink face" about five hundred times a day...
He has uber-sensitive skin.  The other day I tickled his nose with my {I thought was clean} powder makeup brush, and his nose and area surrounding broke out into a dry, scaly rash.  Any accidental scratches look like he's been knifed.  If he so much as bumps his head on a door {that he is trying to open and shut!} a huge red circle appears on his forehead and lasts for the entire day.

He hates getting dressed.  The boy would stay naked all day...but I tell him that until he has his own house he can't sit around in his undies, er, diaper all day.   So I endure the tortured screams of protest when I try to put his arms through the armholes of his shirts.   I actually find the screams pretty funny.   In turn, he finds it hilarious when I make "po-po" siren noises and announce "naked baby alert!"

He still doesn't sleep through the night.  I have beautiful mama friends whose babies somehow slept through the night since eight weeks.   But Cormac, he still likes to awake after four hours for a bottle.  Sometimes even twice!

Okay, that is it.  That is all I can think of to "complain" about.  Life with Baby is good.

He is crawling now -- so fun!  He prefers to crawl to the following things:  my laptop, vents, doors, towers of blocks that I stack over and over, and, of course water bottles.   Oh, and he loves my toenails, especially when painted bright colors.

He still weighs around 18.5 pounds  - when I had to buy a new size in diapers I nearly wept.  Is that weird?

Still no teeth...but various nights where he {and we} were miserable with teething.

Favorite food is green beans.  Least favorite?  Bananas.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I will forever remember this photo shoot as 'the one where you had a red, runny nose and just looked plain sick.'  

Luckily, I eventually got a few smiles out. :)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Whoa...just realized how much his hair has grown in the last couple months.  
I'm never cutting it!
{says the neurotic new mama}

Happy monday, my blog loves!


  1. Wow! That hair has really grown! And he is quite the big boy! Aiden wasn't that weight till he was like 10 or 11 months! Doesn't time just fly by!

    1. YES! But Aiden came a little early, right? I hope Cormac ends up as smiley as he is!!! :D

  2. Hahaha. ;) Gotta love the "stink face." Mack's is sorta similar. I tell him it is not the most attractive face, but he loves doing it anyways. ;)

  3. Seven months? Can it really have gone that fast!! He's getting such a gorgeous bigger boy - especially the sink face. ;-) So funny!


  4. oh i LOVE his new face....that is so awesome. he is getting so big. can't wait to see you all (soon I hope)!

  5. He's crawling? Oh my, it doesn't seem like that long since he was born. But I guess it was....


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