Wednesday, April 11, 2012

broccoli and grape bow-tie salad + rosemary rolls

While I try to avoid broccoli at all costs, I figured that I need a good broccoli salad recipe in my arsenal.  There are particular reasons I avoid broccoli salad at events...namely, the broccoli.  Also, the mayonnaise.  Both things are not my favorites.  I like broccoli florets only if they are cooked, and preferably covered in cheese.  Not a big fan of the raw version.  My mother used to call them "trees."  I think this was an attempt to make me like them.  But then I just felt that they tasted like "trees."  Blech.

Anyway,  I found a recipe that looked delish, and I tried it.  Glad I did!  Realized I need to stop avoiding broccoli salad.   Realized I need to start making this version on a regular basis:
 I made it as our "main dish" -- since it contained all four food groups!  Or that was my excuse.

Okay, so technically this meal already contains a carb...but I really wanted to make these rosemary rolls that I saw Saturday morning while watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, so I broke my "one carb per meal rule."  Just this once!
It was so worth it.
This recipe is great because they use frozen dinner rolls that you simply let rise for a few hours before baking, 'til they are gorgeous and fluffy like this:
 Then you just baste with butter and sprinkle on chopped rosemary and sea salt.   Bake fifteen minutes and you get these:
Recipe for the bow-tie salad can be found here.
Recipe for the rosemary rolls is here.

I did.
{yes, even the raw broccoli.}