Friday, November 1, 2013

bunny foo foo and fireman mac

Halloween came and went in a flash - and it was a sweet and fun night.
By sweet I mean I ate most of the candy my two-year-old collected ("You won't like that one...or that one...or that one...")  and by fun I mean we wrestled both kids into their costumes, took some pictures, walked around our neighborhood for about twenty minutes, then I had to get back to get baby Fin to bed and Cormac had already unwrapped a sucker and wouldn't take it out of his mouth long enough to say "trick or treat" one more time.
gap bunny costume - $6 used
fireman jacket, five sizes too large - $8 used.  hey, at least he will be able to wear it as a raincoat until he's ten. ;)
plastic hat and ax - $11...which puts me over my $20 limit slightly...but soooo close!
boy with crazy smile and ladies with crazy eyes...and this is before all the sugar
getting a bit antsy
everything is a bit too large
bunny butt!
By the end of the night, there had been no major meltdowns or sugar crashes.   I'll count that as a parenting 'win.'