Tuesday, September 22, 2015

the beginnings of fall.

We usually think of spring as when everything begins again - the earth blossoms out of the deadness of winter.

However, I have always felt like spring is more of a prelude to the end of the year, to summer, an epilogue to whatever book was written that year. Fall is when you start fresh.

To that thought - a new school year has begun for Cormac! He is now in the "4's" class, which is basically "pre-pre-K," as one of my friends recently referred to it.  Yes, it is completely unnecessary (I skipped pre-K and did just fine, right?) but I think it is kinda fun to see him as a student and learning things outside of the realm of our everyday life together.

Due to Hubby and I recently being out of the country (post on that soon!) Cormac missed his first week of school.  Ugh. As someone who hates to feel behind in things this kinda bothered me a bit. After everyone reminded me that "it's just pre-school" and "he'll be fine" about a hundred times I let it go.  Our travel dates were non-negotiable, so I kinda had to.

We were able to attend his "Welcome Day" before we left and so I took "first day" pics that day.  I can't even believe how big he has gotten in just one year.  And mature.  Sometimes I think he has it more together than I do.  He seems to approach things fearlessly (uh, except water parks) and make these really intelligent, logical statements out of nowhere.  And he knows the order of the planets...which I am still pretty fuzzy on.  Doh.

On Welcome Day he walked straight up to the teacher and introduced himself.  "Hi, my name is Cormac Ford, and I am four."  Yes, you are, buddy.
They decided to start singing the ABC's together, so I had to take about a million pics...
We decided not to send Finola to 'school' this year, even though Cormac's school does have a two-year-old class that meets twice a week for a couple hours.  Though I briefly considered it, I suddenly got hit with the reality that I only had one year left with her not in school (well, if we send her to 3's) and it made me desperately want to cling to every moment I had with her at home.  Ya know, like she will be leaving for college tomorrow or something.  If you are a mama you know what I am talking about.

Something recently triggered in me the need to hold onto every moment, as though motherhood is whirling by and suddenly it will have slipped through my fingers.  I suddenly had a deep empathy for empty-nesters.  (Leaving your babies, whom you see every moment of every day, for nine days will do this to you, I think.  Despite all the freedom and fun that you have.)

Anyway, he starts officially school today, and I think we are all excited for what this year will bring!  He even started soccer yesterday.  Someone, please teach this non-team sports playing/watching mama to be a proper "Soccer Mom"!!!!!  I am clueless about the sport and hate yelling things in public.  (Thankfully Hubby is much better at all of this.)

Cheers to a year of learning new things and fresh starts - for all of us!