Monday, January 19, 2015

I lift my eyes unto the hills...and I think : oh crap.

So I mixed it up a little (lot) this week during my long run.

After running about six miles I then decided to switch up my usual route and include some hills.  My hubby had described to me how to get from my normal route up to a great hilly spot nearby.   What he failed to mention was that to get to the hills this way I would need to go up steps.  A LOT of steps.  A horrific amount of steps.  So I went from a great running pace to a dead stop.  My legs literally stopped moving when I tried to run up the steep, leafy steps in the 20 degree cold.  So I walked as fast as I could, and tried to keep telling myself that coming back down would be easier.

I finally got to the top where the two older gentleman runners I had been following were catching their breath and the friendly guys they were, one asked me, "Where'd you go?  You were right behind me for a while there."

I tried to answer him but I was so out of breath, and my lips were literally frozen and immobile that some jibberish came out and then I managed to articulate that I had never run this way and wasn't expecting all the steps.   We all shared some frozen chortles and the other guy asked me, "Do I need to get you a ticket back down?" (a question I did not fully understand) and I managed to smile an idiotic smile and reply cheerfully, " Nope!  I need to run some hills!"  and a ran in slow motion away from them, up a steep incline.  I'm sure they thought I was a nutcase.

Ugh.  Hills.  

I hate hills.  I like miles and miles and miles of flat.  I could probably run forever on a flat surface.  But I ran around the hilly neighborhood for a while and then happily went back down all those damn steps back to my safe, regular route.

I hope during the marathon (which, in fact, has a lot of hills) there is someone holding this sign at every hill...
I finished up my fifteen-miler without further ado.  It was cold, but not as cold as last week.  My water got a little icy but did not freeze.

What did the rest of my week look like?

Sunday: Recovery - no workouts
Monday: 'Family night' at the gym.  Not officially -- but recently our whole fam has started heading  to the gym when Hubby gets home from work.  That night I think I did some light cardio on the elliptical. I need to start writing these things down.  
Tuesday: PM gym again and I probably did more light cardio??
Wednesday: Early AM spinning class!  Then during naps I did this ab workout...try it!!!!

My abs are finally starting to feel/look toned again after recently kicking my workouts into high gear...just a year and a half after giving birth to my second baby.  Better late than never!  Progress, people!
Thursday: PM gym - did a 3 mile speed run
Friday: AM yoga class
Saturday: 15 mile run

Oh, and my Saturday night "dirty cheat meal?"  Chinese food!  I ordered my usual.  Hrrrm.  Not as satisfying as last week's burger and fries.  Felt pretty icky afterward.  My 'usual' might have to go on my running list of 'foods my tummy no longer can handle.'  Yuck.

Speaking of food, though...

I made these chicken enchiladas with avocado sauce for dinner one night and they were AMAZING.  Put them on your "to make" list!

Hope you worked hard and ate deliciously this past week!