Monday, November 5, 2012

the renovation : kitchen demo

Characteristics of a Successful Reno Wife:
Patient.  Okay with mess.  Okay with dust.  Functions well in chaos.   Likes forgoing date nights for 'kitchen demo' nights.   Doesn't need a a firm timeline or date of completion.  Easygoing.  Chill.

I realize now that I am nothing like the woman I describe above.   

Despite my being ill-qualified for the role of "reno-wife" the renovation process is teaching me so many lessons.

There is so much I just need to ignore, forget about, and just plain let go of.  I am in general a non-compromising person.  I have high expectations of people, particularly myself.  Also, I prefer things to happen quickly and smoothly and according to plan.

I didn't particularly want to compromise my comfort in doing this renovation.  I have learned very quickly that is not possible.

I will go without a kitchen for at least a month.  It will feel like for-ev-er.

There will be dust everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  I taste dust as I type this.

We cannot entertain guests for quite a while.  Years???

There will be chaos daily.

I will burst into tears daily.  (Usually when Hubby asks me if there is any way we can push back the kitchen cabinet installation another couple weeks, because there is something else he wants to do and 'baby, if we're going to do this we have to do it right.'  Ahhhh!)

Every time Hubby remarks he is "having fun" and "truly enjoying the renovation process" I will continue to react in surprise and ask him, "Really?  Are you serious?"

Getting the house to look and feel like the "dream home" I imagine will take years.

The wait will be worth it.  It will be gorgeous.  I will sit in my kitchen, sip my coffee blissfully, and barely remember the current trials and tribulations of reno life.

But for now I just need to view it as a disaster area work in progress.

*  *  *  *  *  * 
Here is the progress on the kitchen, after a second weekend where Hubby's parents were kind enough to take the little guy so he didn't have to endure the craziness of a demo-in-progress:

What do you think of this whole kitchen renovation process, Little Mac?

My thoughts exactly.