Monday, February 2, 2015

fartleks + second winds

This past week I did a fartlek on the treadmill for the first time. "Fartlek" (heh, heh) is apparently one of those terms that all runners should just know.  So now I do!  Basically, it is an interval training run, varying speed and incline.  Here is what I can tell you: by the end, I had run 5 miles, it had gone by FAST because of all the changes, my head was dizzy from staring at the numbers on the chart, and I was dripping sweat.  Okay that might have been because I had dressed improperly for such an intense run, but still.  Hard work - and an awesome way to run on the treadmill!

The one I did was fairly fast, but there are plenty you can find on Pinterest that are a slower pace overall. (Or faster...if you are fast like that.)

On Saturday I completed my sixteen mile run!  It was rough, ya'll.  And cold.  Which is probably why it was so rough.  I am ready for warm weather, because I am hoping I will run faster then.  My respect for long-distance runners in Minnesota (my home state) has greatly increased.  I mean, if I am complaining about temps in the low 20s, I can't even imagine running in a hard Minnesota winter.  With snow.  But I guess your body just adjusts?  I think I have lost all my Minnesota winter toughness.
Anyway, no major hills on this run, but I tried to mix up my route a bit.  Oh, and I found it interesting that I got a second wind at around mile nine.  Nine!  I needed it, too.

Last week's training...
Sunday: Recovery day - no workouts.
Monday: this 10 minute core workout and this 10 minute barre workout (oh my - looooove barre workouts!) during naps; PM gym - light cardio + circuit
Tuesday: PM gym - this fartlek run on the treadmill
Wednesday: this 40 minute bikini body workout and this 16 minute 'Miranda Kerr' butt workout during naps; no PM gym...I felt wiped out, and Fin was sick.
Thursday: this VS Ab Workout during naps; PM gym - the fartlek treadmill run (again!) I felt much more efficient the second time!
Friday: AM yoga class
Saturday: 16 mile run

If you've been following along you've noticed I am sneaking in 10-40 minute workouts during the kids' naps, just in my living room - no equipment necessary.  I love this because it is super convenient, prevents me from snacking during the nap period, and has been the key for me toning up recently!  Even 10 minutes extra core training a day helps!

Other notes : 
I started following this running blogger and LOVE HER :

This weeks "dirty cheat meal" : an entire box of girl scout cookies...and a can of Dr. Pepper.  Oh, the shame!  ;) It was a post-long run binge that wish I could say I regret...but I don't.   I buy two boxes of GS cookies a year, and I always seem to eat the Tagalongs all at once.  At least this year I had just burned approximately 1600 calories during my run and could feel less guilty.

Runner's logic.

How was your training week?