Friday, March 21, 2014

finola - ten months!

Little One, 
We had a very fun 'month ten' together!  Your personality continues to grow and make me wonder about the things that you will say someday.  My bets are on you being a little fireball.  More laid-back than your older brother, but forever pushing the limits to see what your cute little smile will let you get away with.  

You were sleeping through the night on a mostly regular basis...until you started cutting your third tooth.  So the past week you have been waking up more at night, some nights A LOT.  Still napping the same as before, although the first nap seems to be getting a little shorter.  I will be excited when we are done with that one and have more flexibility!

You pretty much eat anything I'm allowed to give you.  You self-feed all the time, which is your preference because I guess I cannot spoon-feed you fast enough.  You want nothing to do with your bottle unless I hold you while you drink it and it is not meal time.  Let's just say if solid food is in sight you would prefer that.  If you see something someone else is eating that you want you will ignore whatever you had been eating and "complain" until I give some to you.  One thing you do NOT like is avocado...which you'll have to get over, girl.  Your brother loves it and it's a power food.

  • Weight = 20.8 lbs. (same as last month)
  • Cut 3rd tooth a few days ago and working on the fourth.  Teething up a storm!  Seems fine (a bit fussier) during the day but it is as night you seem especially irritable.
  • Wearing all 12-18 months clothing.

  • Continues to cruise and stand with one hand on something - but no solo steps yet.
  • Claps hands!
  • Waves bye-bye
  • "Dances" (sways/bobs back and forth when music comes on)
  • Lots and lots of kissing.  People, books, mirrors, etc.
  • Loves to 'clean up' - putting toys back in boxes.
  • Easily transfers objects from one hand to the other.
  • Still only says "Dada" and "Nana" and "Maaaah"(on rare occasion) but tons of vocalizing/babbling/shrieking.
This Month's Memories:
  • Visit from Auntie Heid and cousin Selah!  We had a blast and you and your cuz hung out a lot.  You were kind of aggressive (curious?) and wanting to grab her face constantly and poke at her eyes.  She is a sweet, dainty little thing.  Hopefully she gets bigger or you might squash her.  
  • Our second zoo trip!  We skipped your morning nap and you still did really well.
girl cousins!
 Sibling relations:
Well, before I felt you were an innocent in any squabble that occurred...but now I feel you are an active participant.  You grab ANYTHING your brother is playing with or using.   Like it's your job.  You seem slightly antagonistic...or maybe you just feel it is your right, as the baby, to have whatever.  I try not to laugh as I can now totally see why Cormac is so annoyed.  He still takes thing from you, too, though.  I guess the sharing thing we will be working on a while.  Probably the next eighteen years.
Here is Cormac's ten month post - I can hardly remember him being that little!   I guess that means you will be a rambunctious 2-year-old in a blink!
your 'stink face' - which you wear a lot when teething
twinkle toes!
 strollin' through the house
just chillin' in my skinnies
your look of fierce determination
So fun.  Every day.  Hard at times with two babes so close in age...but I definitely treasure you two amazing kiddos.  I feel like God gave me you for a million reasons - and that He gave me you sooner rather than later to challenge me as a person and a mama...and make me realize I cannot "do it all."  Tough for a control-freak like myself.   Many things must be left undone in my day.  Nothing will be "perfect."  Control is really not in my hands anymore - not now, not with two, that is for sure!  But I try my best and have my meltdown moments and am embracing my imperfections, as there are many.  The good thing is - motherhood is never dull!  The times I enjoy most are just hanging out with you and your brother, no other agenda.
You teach me more than I will ever teach you.
I hear you babbling upstairs, so it's time to wrap this up.

Love you, girl.
Mama + Dada