Wednesday, February 6, 2013

snow day!

I love this photograph.   I don't know why.  My siblings and I look a little silly in our snowsuits.  (If you can't tell, I am the androgynous one on the bottom right in the grape-colored getup, with the giant red mittens.)  These snowsuits are all hand-me-downs from my older brother, the strapping lad holding my adorable baby brother.

I guess it reminds me of a simple time -- when it was completely normal to bundle up and rush outside whenever there was a dumping of fresh, beautiful, white snow.    Dad would take us hiking, cross-country skiing, sledding, and  snow fort building.  In Minnesota there seems to be a completely different mindset about snow.  You just plain embrace it.   It is a part of life for what seems like most of the year.  At least that is how I felt.

Where I live now, even a couple inches is known as 'the white death.' Snow days are determined before there is even an inch on the ground.  If there will be any snow at all school is cancelled.  Despite what seems like a lot of hullabaloo over an inch or two, I am hoping the kiddos still enjoy romping around in it as much as we did!

All that being said...Monday was a snow day for me.  Not because I was "off" from work...but because it was one of the few days we get here in Kentucky that actually looked like Minnesota.  It was that kind of snow.  Sure, it was mostly melted the next day...but it sure did look lovely while it lasted.

That afternoon I excitedly I dressed Cormac up in his snowsuit...his first time wearing it!

We tromped around for about about an hour with the dog, enjoying what could be the only pretty snow of the winter.

I wish I had a photograph of when he fell in a pile of snow and was on his back and couldn't get up...but alas, I was trying not to get my camera completely ruined in the big fat flakes that were falling.

Trust me...adorable.