Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the ultrasound

Monday we had our ultrasound.  Our only ultrasound (God-willing) this pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with Cormac and I found out I would only have one ultrasound, I was devastated.  (Yes, I am a little dramatic.)  I knew women who got multiple throughout their pregnancy journeys and I thought I would too.  Nope.  Turns out at my ob office they have the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' policy - meaning no bonus ultrasounds if there is no issue with your pregnancy.

I am at a different ob office this time, with the same policy.  But this time I am strangely okay with it.  {last time we plunked down $100 to go to a preggo spa to get an additional ultrasound at 12 weeks.}  This time I don't feel the need.

We saw the babe yesterday, at twenty weeks.

I got up early, made breakfast for us all, then as a family we headed to finally view our little one.  In the waiting room, as Cormac played happily in the toy area, Hubby decided to throw me for a loop:

"Let's just find out [the gender.] If you want to I am up for it!  Let's just do it, babe!"  he exclaims to me, all smiles and excitement.

My jaw drops.  "WHAT?!?!  No way!  Are you serious?  Ahhhhhhg!  Why are you doing this to me? I just blogged that we were NOT finding out." Because you know that means it is written in stone.  Ha!

Hubby tries a couple more times to convince me, and I almost relent.  I try to think of ways that we could find out and not tell anyone else... but  I knew I could never keep that secret.

So we - er, I - stuck to my guns.

As soon as we were in the room with our sonographer, I told her emphatically we did not want to find out the gender.  Hubby kept his peace and held Cormac so I could enjoy the experience (which was almost as calm and relaxing as the spa last time.)  She dimmed the lights and applied the warm gel to my abdomen, and there was Baby.  Super active, jumping around in my tummy, many times staring directly at us.

Baby was discreet in showing his/her 'distinguishable parts.'  I kept secretly looking for something to give it away, but the sonographer was awesome, not staying in any area very long.  Pausing it to measure only when there was nothing specific to the gender showing.

We counted ten fingers and ten toes.

The heart and brain and spinal cord looked good.

She said Baby was measuring a little long for twenty weeks...but that doesn't surprise me, as Cormac did too.

One worrisome thing - the head measure just under the normal range, in ratio to the belly.  My midwife said it was probably nothing, but the doc would call me if we needed to come in for another ultrasound to do more measurements.  Gulp.

I am praying we don't have to do another ultrasound.

One is fine by me this time.


Without further ado, here is our little Baby...
oh no...could it be...a fist pump?!