Thursday, July 7, 2011

{a blogger looks at 30}

Today I turned thirty.
Surprisingly I am unfazed by this formerly tragic-sounding age.
Maybe it is because I am on the verge of delivering my first baby, and to be honest, nothing else seems that important.
Maybe it is because I don't feel "thirty" {whatever that feels like?}
Or maybe it is because when
 I look back on my twenties, I think both of how exciting they were...
and what an absolute rollercoaster of changes
they brought.

This is me at 20.  
{so young!}
I lived in St. Paul, MN.  I had just met and started dating my future Hubby.
I had no idea where my life was headed in the next ten years!
21 and 22 were spent working full-time while going to school, and the typically college stuff: dating, partying, traveling, drama, adventures, heartache, mistakes, and a lot of FUN!
At 23, after various breakups and a lot of trying to make it work long-distance, 
Hubby and I got engaged!
Then we got un-engaged...we still had some growing up to do!
At 24 I graduated from college with a degree in English.
{As with many things in my twenties, it took me a while to decide on my major.}
After graduating I moved to the same state as {future}Hubby and we dated again, on-and-off, for a while...finally not long-distance!
At 25 we got engaged again 
{this time I asked him!}
This time, at 26, we ended up married.
best. day. ever.

From 26-27 I was a newlywed, stumbling my way through the beauty and difficulty that is marriage {I still am!}  I realized how much I love creating a home and learning to cook...and even baking a little!
At 28 I became the proud pet parent of 
this guy:
At 29 I started blogging...
{which brings me JOY!}
...and I got pregnant!
Honestly, twenty-nine has been the best year ever.
And here I am now at 30. 
Baby bump and all.

 There are definitely more lines on my face.  More pounds on my frame.  More memories  written on my heart - both good and bad.  I am certainly less naive, and a little more skeptical than at 20...but also more at peace, and much happier with who I am.

Mostly,  I am simply thankful God guided me through the tumultuous twenties safely!
As for my thirties?
Bring it.