Wednesday, March 27, 2013

mama confessions : six tips to feeling attractive {no - SEXY!} in the third tri

Yes, I said it.  The 'S word.'  Sexy.

My first pregnancy I don't remember feeling like a total slob.  This is probably because I was still working a normal job where I got dressed in nice, tailored clothing and wore heels.  I put on makeup every day.   When my Hubby left for work I wasn't in a bathrobe, my hair a crazy mess, with dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep (since I slept much better last pregnancy.)

last pregnancy - 40 weeks
This pregnancy I have, in general, felt not sexy.  I'm not saying I look ugly or that Hubby is not attracted to me - I just feel really, really blah.  

I am sure I am not the only mama who has felt this way during pregnancy, particularly in her third tri.  Right?

So in an effort to feel a little better about myself I searched for ways to 'get my groove back' in this third trimester of pregnancy...

1. Self tanner.  I feel better tan.  If you feel sexy pale, more power to you; however, I am willing to invest in bronzer or going for a spray tan if that is going to help me feel sassier.
my go-to "insta-tan" bronzer
wearing pink {and lipstick} really helps :D
2. New clothes.  Not talking about going on a major shopping spree here.  Even a new necklace or boldly colored scarf from Target can help.  Since I have sworn off clothes shopping until after this pregnancy, I satisfied my urge for a new outfit by unpacking all my maternity spring and summer clothes.  I have a LOT of cute dresses that fit my bump (or mu-mus as I like to call them.)  I tried a few on and felt sexier.  Now the weather just has to cooperate...

3. New hair style!  Again, trying to be thrifty I did NOT go to the salon, rather I colored my hair at home.  By myself.  Red!  Okay, well, technically it is 'dark auburn brown,' which is not extremely red, but redder than I have ever gone before.  I have previously written about my wish for red hair.  Turns out I LOVE IT.  I feel sexier as a redhead.  It really doesn't look drastically different, and maybe others think I am cuckoo for doing it...but it is fun and definitely makes me feel sexier.  Score. {will post pics soon when I have the time to take with decent camera!}

4. Have more sex.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you are not feeling sexy and then realize you  really haven't been having sex with your husband as often as usual, it may help to increase that.  Even when you are ginormously pregnant I am pretty sure your husband is into you.  So forget that you are overly exhausted, bloated, and hormonal...and just do it.  Just sayin'.
Source: Greta on Pinterest

5. Work out.   Getting sweaty at the gym makes me feel a million times better.  It is not just a body thing, but a mind thing.  So get those endorphins pumping!!!

6. Be happy.  Audrey Hepburn said it best when she stated, "Happy girls are the prettiest girls." I am definitely guilty of getting stuck in a negative rut.  I'll fully admit I can be a terrible nag, and a world-class complainer sometimes.   I don't think nagging and complaining on occasion are awful things, unless they take over your mindset completely.  (In fact, I think people who are ALWAYS waxing positive/roses and sunshine are rather dull/fake/trite.)  However, finding things to be happy about even when the weather sucks, your house is a complete renovation disaster, you have cankles  AND you resemble a waddling hippopotamus is crucial.  So I've been trying to be more laid-back and positive about the things I can't control, and focus on the good things!  There are many!

So that's my list.
What makes you feel sexier when in a rut... 
(preggo or not)?