Monday, July 21, 2014

she's a walker!

Finola decided she would "finally" start walking at just shy of fourteen months old.  

I use quotes around the word 'finally' because I think sometimes as mothers we think things are supposed to happen at a certain time with our babes.  For example, like the crazy mama I am,  I felt that because Cormac walked at ten and a half months that she would be the same.  Or at least at one year.  Wrong.  I even took her to an orthopedic specialist (this was actually recommended by her pediatrician so I am not completely bananas) to have her feet looked at.  Complete waste of money.

Little Fin just had her own ideas about when she would abandon her super-fast crawl (which she actually still does quite a bit) for the adorable, wobbly toddler walk.

Right now we are visiting my parents in Minnesota and she has been practicing her walk quite a bit.  Oh, and jumping on beds.  Even running some!  (And falling.  A lot.)

 I honestly could watch her walk all day.  

That is all I have for now -- we are enjoying the 'farm' and fresh air and seeing friends and just doing a lot of relaxing.  It is perfect.

Oh, and we are covered in gnat bites.  We love you, Minnesota.