Monday, June 18, 2012

white subway tile backsplash - and a friend road trip!

As of a couple weekends ago our kitchen backsplash is finally complete.  What was to be a several hour project turned into a several month project, due to jam-packed, crazy-busy weekends, additional supplies needed, and general tiredness on both mine and my Hubby's parts.

Plus, we were in no hurry, really.  Which is always nice.  :)

I love the result.  We went with white subway tile for the backsplash because:  a) I have always loved the look.  A little industrial, yet historic and classic and b) it matches our tiled gas fireplace in our living room.

Hubby did a beautiful job, as it looks lovely and definitely adds some class to our kitchen.  Plus, now he has some practice for all the tiling projects during our reno project in the 'dream home.'  

Ahhh!  Can't wait!

Anyway, hopefully everyone had a lovely Father's Day weekend!  While Hubby had a 'guys weekend' taking Baby Cormac, the dog, and himself to visit his dad, this mama had her first girls weekend away from baby -- eek!  It was fun, but I must say that every time I saw a little boy around Cormac's age I felt a pang.

However,  two amazing, hilarious, English literature-loving ladies and I had a fabulous time anyway.   Here are a few shots from our trip to a lil' cabin in the Smokies...

'cabin sweet cabin'

it was fate that there were hydrangea bushes in front of our abode

we cooked dinner at the cabin and drank plenty o' wine

adored the darlin' labels on this wine - 'made in the holler' :D
gotta love the south

wouldn't be a girls weekend without margaritas

Happy Monday!