Monday, October 15, 2012

awkward family photo.

This past weekend my parents drove here from Minnesota to visit us.

I am pretty sure I was the laziest hostess ever.  I cooked only one meal.  I spent half the time in my pajamas.  I didn't refuse any junk food that was offered my way.  I may or may not have gained five pounds.

Despite my laziness, we spent three days doing a lot of laughing, eating, and walking around the city, an amusement park, and a farm/pumpkin patch.

It was sheer bliss, and though I tearfully said goodbye to my parents this morning, I am grateful for the three days we had together.

Anyway, I think there is a book dedicated to really awkward family photos.  While I don't think I have any that are quite awkward enough to make it into such a book, a few we took this weekend made us all laugh when we finally downloaded them and viewed them as a slideshow on our TV.

I might have peed a little.

Here is my favorite:

This year's Christmas card, perhaps???

Happy Monday!