Monday, July 4, 2011

musings of an 'almost mother'

Here I sit in my last few days of pregnancy.  
These have by far been the hardest, because I am so full of anticipation!  I sit and think that any moment I could go into labor.  Sometimes I am scared it will happen that very day.  But most mornings I wake up disappointed that it didn't happen that night.  

I've been focusing so much on the "firsts" in my life for the past nine months...first pregnancy...first ultrasound...first baby movements...but in the past few days I had a sudden bout of focusing on the "lasts," such as:
The last date hubby and I will have without needing a sitter.
The last Sunday I will have completely to myself.
Our last days as "you and me" 
soon to be 
you and me and baby make three!
{four if you count the pup}

Hubby seemed rather unfazed by the dramatic fact that our lives are about to change forever.  He just looked at me stated matter-of-factly, "Didn't we decide this nine months ago?"
I, however, burst into tears over it, blubbering:
"But, but...I didn't think it would go by so fast!"

Truly the fastest nine months of my life.
As well as the slowest last days
of pregnancy.

I'm trying to focus more on enjoying these final days,
before baby and
before I turn thirty!

One way to pass the time?
I painted these clay pots 
turquoise and chalkboard black
to go on our patio,
and planted blue bellflowers, daisies and sunflowers.

Pretty soon flowers {oh, a husband, and a dog} won't be the only things I'm growing and caring for!

Happy 4th of July...
Enjoy every moment!