Sunday, December 4, 2011

{I am ________ }

(Saw this on one or two other beautiful blogs I read...had to join the fun!)
Obsessing over: our possible "new" old house (!!!!)  gray boots. snuggly baby hats.
Working on: getting in the Christmas spirit - despite no snow!  developing an organized way to clean my house, losing that last bit o' post-baby belly, reading Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness {thanks Laura Love!} 

Thinking about: gift-giving. baking something sweet. not over-thinking things.

Anticipating: baby's first Christmas, road trip to Minnesota, the first snowfall, the sweater from Victoria's Secret that was backordered to arrive - this week!  

Listening to: Christmas tunes on the Christmas music cable station

Drinking: orange Fanta...had a major craving

Wishing: safe travels on upcoming adventures. health + happiness for my son. always.  snow...snow...snow...SNOW! I need to watch White Christmas!