Wednesday, November 4, 2015

halloween with the blondies.

This Halloween I learned some very important things about my children...

1) Cormac is obsessed with this holiday and loves all things "creepy."  Meanwhile, Finola is petrified of any spooky things in real life, especially people dressed as monsters and giant spiders.

2) Finola hates chocolate.  She took bites out of every piece of her Halloween candy that was chocolate and promptly spit each bite out, shouting "Don't like it!"

3) Cormac's favorite candy is Reese's cups.  Which is good because it (sort of) prevents me from eating them.

4) Both children are completely enamored with Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I believe they have watched (at least the beginning of) it at least every day for the past month.  When I asked them today what their favorite Christmas song is they both said, "The ones on Nightmare Before Christmas."  Uhhhh....
It was a memorable Halloween season.  Most fun yet!  We did as many Halloween-y things as we could fit in.  And then, I let a few things go, so as not to feel overwhelmed.  Since I'm not a naturally laid-back, go-with-the-flow mama, but more of a high-energy nutcase who tries to "do it all," I have to keep myself in check a lot, especially during the holiday season.
Any other mamas find that it is a delicate balance between doing as much as you can for your kids, and yet not doing too much so that you go insane?  
Things I let go of this year...
Going to additional trick-or-treating/trunk or treat events.  Roasting the pumpkin seeds from our pumpkins.  (I almost convinced myself to try make a pumpkin pie from their innards!  Then I checked myself, and said, "Nope!")    Doing Cormac's makeup.  (Hubby did it while I wrung my hands in the background.)  Trying to find creative costumes at thrift stores or make them myself. (Kroger for the win!)

How do you plan to keep yourself balanced and mentally happy during the upcoming holiday season?