Tuesday, August 27, 2013

one year ago : just when we thought it was getting easy...

A year ago we went camping in northern Minnesota with my family.  Above is a family pic snapped on the trip before we 'put in.' We were a family of three.  Oh, and my hair was the shortest it has ever been (and dark!)
ignore the overflowing laundry basket
A year ago our world centered around that little guy.  He was only one-year-old.  A really great walker, but he barely said a word then - something I cannot even imagine now.   Now will repeat pretty much anything you say, no matter how long the sentence.  (Scary, right?)

A year ago Hubby and I were finally going out and "dating" again!  I had lost my baby weight and was feeling dang good!  I could enjoy adult beverages!  We finally felt comfortable with a (non-familial) babysitter.  And, no lie, we kind of thought we had this whole parenting thing down...
reds game with friends
A year ago we closed on our house and moved into "the dream home."
We were ready to tackle a whole slew of major renovation projects! 

A month later - pregnant!

See what happens when you think you got it all under control?

God says, "Yeah.You still need me." 

And how!

+ + + + + + 

Tonight we head off to Minnesota again.
Now a family of four,  and so thankful for our beautiful baby girl!
birth control packed and reminder alarm set.