Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{what I've learned about two-year-olds}

The past six months have taught me a lot about two-year-old boys...

They like to randomly lift up their shirts and show their bellies (and no, I have no idea why his diaper is hanging out.)
They like frogs and dirt and bugs.
They love grilled cheese.
They love their "big boy chair," aka booster seat.
They love to smile for the camera and yell "cheese!" 
They adore campfires and grampas:
They have almost a full set of teeth (but you still have to deal with teething with those 'two-year molars.)
Sometimes they pass out and drool during car rides after eating blue suckers.
They LOVE to play outside.
They haven't yet developed any artistic skills -- but are very proud of anything they "draw." 
 They love to make sure they are properly groomed (ha.)
They are mischievous and cheeky.
They are sweet and still have kissable baby cheeks!
They are finally able to help out with some chores!
They are fantastic conversationalists.
They can drink from a regular cup...but still prefer a sippy.
They are mostly nice to their sisters...but sometimes not.
They are always good for a laugh.
They make holidays a million times more fun.

Two-year-old boys (well, at least mine) are both frustrating and awesome.  Cormac will test his limits constantly, will be sneaky, gets frustrated almost instantly if something doesn't go his way, loves to run through the house shouting (we are working on his 'whisper voice' and 'inside voice') and can be really, really, really particular about things.

Will pretend to have phone conversations on his play telephones.  He will get irritated if I interrupt.
In fact, totally awesome at pretending and making up stories.  Each night we make up a different story before he goes to sleep about a giant.
Loves singing.  I sing constantly and it is so fun to hear him chime in now.  Favorite songs: Johnny Appleseed, Hickory Dickory Dock, ABC's, Bananas in Pajamas
Favorite foods: mac n cheese, goat cheese, broccoli, chocolate pudding, fruit snacks, garlic bread, and Greek yogurt.
Still has no interest in going on the potty.  Sigh.
Still very affectionate.  Loves giving hugs and kisses and "'nuggling."
While most can't decipher what he is saying the kid can talk up a storm.  I am amazed by how perceptive he can be.  Of course, sometimes he thinks it is funny just to spew gibberish.
Incredible memory.  He may not remember any of this in a few years, but he remembers random things that happened months, even a year ago.  It is pretty cool

Well, that is my kid, halfway through two.

Two is exhausting.  
Two is constantly interesting.
Two is teaching me a lot of parenting lessons.

But I've heard three is harder.
So I'm just gonna enjoy two.