Wednesday, February 29, 2012

let's climb!

My little darling baby boy just started crawling a couple weeks ago...
now he is moving on to climbing!
He is figuring out what not to climb on...
{expensive appliances}
...and what is okay to climb on...
{stable objects that mama sets up!} this basket:
The kid is exhausting {and thrilling} me with all this climbing. 
 So cool {and bizarre!} to see him try to stand:
Stops to smile at the camera before his begins his journey.
 He begins his ascent:
Steadies himself:
Wonders why I'm not helping him:
Leans into it, hoisting up one chubby baby leg:
Realizes this is going to harder than anticipated:
Tries it again, this time motivated by the focal point {spray bottle} that Mama set up:
Leg up again:
Flails around a little.
Pulls himself up.
At long last, his goal is achieved.
Enjoys (?) one brief, drool-filled moment on the top.
Wonders how he is going to begin his descent.
Realizes he has no clue how to get himself out of this mess.
Let's out an ear-splitting shriek designed to get Mama to put down the camera and do something!
Is safely placed on solid ground.
Soothes himself by chewing on the basket liner.
Oh, and then a truck.

(Um, he did this a while.)
Finally, the joy of his accomplishment sets in.