Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in random photos

I am not a big Instagrammer (c'mon spellcheck...surely that is a word by now!)

I use it on occasion and have absolutely no clue how to transfer the photos to my computer.

I actually lug around my dslr most of the time to capture the randomness...because mostly I am around the house.  I also have a small point-and-shoot that I keep in my purse, but usually forget about.   It is right there next to my phone...if I haven't forgotten that at home.

My point is that I can't join in with my fellow bloggers and do "Insta-Lately" posts, or some other creatively named posts consisting solely of coolish-looking Instagram shots.  

Instead you get these.  Normal photos.  Sorry.  

Okay, is it weird that his molars are already coming in????  He practically has a full set of baby teeth!

I would be remiss if I didn't post a completely inappropriate naked butt shot of my child.  'The naked chef...'

" it nap time yet???? 
All these crazy pillows on your bed are making me sleepy!"

Yes, he chose to insisted on putting on my fuzzy slipper boots.  

Elmo, why do I always have to be tripping over you???
{PS - Cormac can now say "Eeeeeeel-mo!"}

Donating some sweetness to this 'Shepherd's Share!' 

Dang - these two are inseparable!  No wonder 'Elmo' is his first real two syllable word.

Random salad creation - and new catalogs to peruse - double awesome!
arugula, halved red grapes, walnuts, goat cheese, creamy poppyseed dressing, grilled chicken
 Baked some homemade blueberry muffins...

Hubby brought me an orchid home one night.  I must have been extra whiney that day... :D

Look!  My son is so amazing he can already spell!  Okay, so he can draw a bunch of straight lines...but still...

These next few photos will show you that my child is definitely a daddy's boy.
Here they are, watching last night's basketball game...

Everything about this makes me happy.

Sorry Hubby...this was too cute not to share.
Tackling the steps.  I have to stay at least six feet away or he will come push me away...

The smile that makes all the tantrums and toddler 'tude completely vanish from my mind...