Friday, February 21, 2014

finola - 9 months!

Dear Fin, 
Lots to report this month!  You have gotten crazy mobile - 'real' crawling, pulling up on everything, climbing stairs, and a bit of cruising on occasion.  I actually have to watch you now. Sigh.  You continue to be my happy, quieter baby...although maybe a little less chill than before?  You didn't really like your nine month doctor's appointment so much.  There was actual crying and fussing instead of your normal quiet, angelic self.  You now let your feelings known through a series of yells and squeals, which I find really adorable.
You've mastered the "fake cry."
You are fascinated with my hair and any jewelry.
You love climbing up on my back when I'm crouched down and getting a piggy back ride.
You love flipping the light switch on and off.
You sorta like books, depending on which one.
You love the rocking horse and any other 'riding toy' I set you on to rock or roll around.
You like to grab around my neck at bedtime, nuzzle your face into my chest, and then bite my chin.
You are very persistent.  "No" has yet to have an effect on you.
(I used to say "no" to Cormac in my "mama voice" and he would immediately burst into tears.  You start laughing.  This may not be a good sign.)

Naps are the same, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  You are too cute when I put you down now, because before I put you in your crib I hand you your "Lambie Poo" (soothing noises sheep plush toy) and you nuzzle it immediately and get sleepy.  Then I lay you in your crib and sometimes you'll stand up immediately and I'll have to say night-night to you while you stare at me open-mouthed over the crib rail.  Sometimes you'll fuss for a couple minutes but typically you just play quietly until you fall asleep.  Nights have gotten exponentially better -- you now sleep through the night most nights!  Hurray!  About every third night you'll wake up and cry for a bit, and if it sounds like you are really upset and probably won't fall back asleep on your own we will soothe you with a small bottle. 
Pretty much anything soft, in tiny pieces and able to be gummed/chewed by your two tiny teeth.  You get very disinterested in your bottle if there is other food around, so I now have to give that to you before meal time.  You drink three bottles a day, 6-8 oz of formula each...and three meals of plenty of baby-friendly foods.  You started drinking from sippy cups sometimes this month, and bananas are still your favorite.
Sibling Relations:
Your brother loves you, and you love him.  However, you already have started to enjoy tormenting each other.  You have no problem grabbing his face, pulling his hair, grabbing toys away from him.  All in a playful, innocent, baby way, of course.  He loves to whip things at you, poke you, and grab toys away from you.  All in a possessive, a-little-too-rough, toddler way, of course.  You have no concept of personal space, and will crawl up to and on to whatever you please...which sometimes big brother doesn't like so much.  It is funny how I can already see you guys in the future, fighting and teasing each other.  And having loads of fun together, for sure....
This one begged for a caption -- perhaps something a teenage Cormac might say?
20.5 lbs.  Wearing all 12 month clothing.  Just the usual - runny nose and teething.  I am very ready for cold/flu season to be over and lovely warm weather to arrive.  Maybe then the snot will cease dripping from your poor baby nostrils, and your face will stop being chapped.  All the Aquafor in the world doesn't help.
Peekaboo!  I love steps!
Things You Say:
"Maaaah" only a couple times, when really upset (of course.)
"Buh, buh"  (not sure what it means)
typical mealtime scene.  I sometimes feel like most of my day is spent feeding these two.
"do I have something on my face???" 
  • you abandoned your 'army crawl' for 'real crawling' just after you turned eight months.  
  • started drinking from a sippy cup on occasion
  • started pulling up
  • just recently began cruising
Mama Feels: 
Most days like I am completely in-over-my-head. With you being super mobile now, and Cormac in the midst of potty training, I feel pulled in a million directions and am constantly reminding myself that 'tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it' -  a la Anne of Green Gables.  The added hassle/stress of home renovations in full swing (aka always having some sort of contractor in the house pounding, sanding, getting the dog barking, etc, etc) doesn't really help.  Neither does the recent snow, ice, cold weather, which has kept us inside most of the month.
Let's just say Mama needs some sunshine.

This Month's Memories:

  • Your first Valentine's Day!  We basically just stayed at home and played...and I tried to take cute pictures of you, which didn't work out super well, since you were tired and teething...

Finally, as requested by Dada, a look at your little face throughout the months since you joined our little fam...

Finola, you are my sweet, cuddly little drool face.
My joyful one.
My go-with-the-flow, (usually)
sock and shoe grabbing,
chin biting,
ray of sunshine
even on dark, cold, icy days.

Love you -
Mama + Dada