Monday, March 3, 2014

feb recap + march 'no dairy' challenge!

I know I was MIA last month when it came to our eating challenge.  Between my son's potty training and my increased efforts to make it to the gym to train for a half-marathon in April I kind of let writing about this challenge fall down the priority list.  So now to get back to it.

February was "no fried foods."
Way easier than last month's 'no sweets' challenge.
This kind of surprised me, since I thought I ate more fried foods than I really do.  So while not really causing me to cut many calories, it led me to some self-actualization.

Mainly: despite my love of French fries I don't exactly eat them often or crave them.  Also, I may be confused about what is actually considered 'fried.'

Bacon and eggs.  Fries.  Burgers?  What if they are grilled?

Plus, I bypassed the "fried" rule with the bacon and just baked it.  So I still consumed bacon.  Okay, it was turkey bacon.  Still.

No major dietary changes for this gal by eliminating fried stuff.

Anyway, since I don't eat much that is fried, perhaps February should have been 'no fast food' or just simply 'no junk food.'  Because I do eat chips and salty snacks that are probably not great.  {hubby just read this and informed me that chips are I said, I am confused.} Also it would have saved me from the half a pan of brownies I ate last week.  Oops.

Did anyone else feel better eliminating fried foods???  Was this one the 'big one' for you...or pretty easy?
* * * * * * 
Now, onto March.  No Dairy.  Finally one that will really, really be a challenge.  I am starting a couple days late, but as of today, March 3rd,  I will be eliminating dairy from my diet.  I grocery shopped yesterday (while drinking a soy latte!) and feel pretty prepared for the month.  I am going with almond milk as a sub for my usual skim cow milk.  I am interested in how it will taste in my cooking and baking.

I am dreading not being able to have cheese.  I pretty much live for cheese.
Who else is with me?  I know, this one is a bummer...but I think it will be the most life changing.  For a dairy-freak like me, at least.
Now, to change the subject a bit...

In doing this 'eating challenge' to get ready for summer and reflect on our diet/eating habits and perhaps our relationship with food in general, let's not forget about exercise.

I read recently that weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. 
This surprised me a bit.  I am a self-professed gym rat, running I have always been much more interested in moving my body than limiting my calories.   However, I know a few folks who lost significant pounds mainly through changing their diet.  I also know very thin people who rarely work out...they just are really good at portion control and/or nutritious eating  Clearly, diet is the key.

But let's not forget exercise for your body (your temple!) to be truly strong/healthy!

Have you found the thing that makes you want to get moving?  As I've mentioned, I am definitely running-focused.  It is what makes me happy and what works well for my body type.  However, it seems all the friends I have talked to enjoy something different.  Yoga, zumba and Insanity are three that come to mind that have motivated various friends to get the body they desire.

So what are you doing?

If you haven't found your thing then keep looking.  Even folks who claim to not "need" to work out, or "hate it" still need exercise.  It is not about weight, it is about health.

If your excuse is lack of time (the #1 excuse) or lack of money (heck, gym memberships and home equipment can be expensive!) then how about taking a tiny portion of your day/evening to work out for FREE.

Yeah, if you are reading this blog then most likely you have a computer at home (or probably you could even use your smart phone) and could easily search for free workouts that you can do with simply what you've got at home.

For example, I really like this one.  No equipment.  Ten minutes.  Your butt will be sore the next day - promise.

There are a ton of good ones out there.  Do three of these and you've put in your recommended thirty minutes of exercise.

So eliminate the excuses and get moving!  Getting started is the hardest part, I promise.  :)