Friday, March 10, 2017

montana weekend

As write this, I sit in an airport, as I have many times before, collecting my thoughts at the end of a visit with my sister and her family in Montana.

Okay, sometimes it was a train station, me in my early twenties, young and wild and free, traveling by rail from my home state of Minnesota across the monotonous plains of northern North Dakota and eastern Montana.  Then suddenly the drear landscape transformed, as though by magic, into the mountains of Glacier National Park, finally coming to a stop in Whitefish, a beautiful ski resort town near where my sister lives.

I consider it a blessing that my sister accepted a God-calling to be a teacher in Montana, fresh out of college.  I don't know if I would have ever gotten to experience this state (albeit in short weekend spurts) otherwise.

I try to visit her, her husband, and their four amazing kiddos at least once a year now, despite having a family of my own and having moved in the opposite direction - Kentucky.

It wouldn't matter what state she lived in, as I've always adored my big sis and would make that effort no matter what...but the fact that she lives in such a beautiful place sure doesn't hurt.

This most recent visit was short and sweet, arriving super late Thursday night and leaving at noon on Sunday, but worth it to reconnect with family.

I wish I would have snapped more pics, but so it goes! Here are the few I got...
I loved that these two could get into silly selfies.  It helped me not miss my own little ones so much.
I got to see my sister's new house!  So much charm!
Another kitchen shot.  Love this verse.  Oh, and Heidi, we need to drink more wine to acquire more corks. ;)
Dinner out with the family Friday night!  I admire their bravery of taking four lil ones out to a restaurant!
I taught Selah about Instagram Story...and she loved decorating some pics!
Finola would be proud of her cuz!
Logan got in on the action.
this pizza was amazing even as leftovers the next day.
More IG Story selfies.
We drove up to Blacktail Ski Lodge and hung out for a while, meeting up with Brian and Logan who had a father/son snowboarding date.
visibility of the mountains was not great, but the snow was beautiful!

I ended my visit with church with the fam, and then it was immediately off to the airport, where now I sit, thankful for another opportunity to spend time with my sister in the beautiful state of Montana.

+ + + + + + +


I am definitely wearing mascara in this random selfie, but I noticed that perhaps my R+F Lash Boost is starting to work???!!!!
And lastly: one of the things I adore about any kind of traveling is that I make more time for reading.  I was able to read several books on this trip! Two of which I highly recommend : Mitch Albom's The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel - SO GOOD if you are looking for a lovely and engaging fictional novel.  I basically blazed through this whole thing while traveling there, it was such a page-turner. Also, got really close to finishing The Magnolia Storywhile at my sister's.  I ran out of time so missed the last few chapters but I was taken aback by the cool story and amazing witness of this book.  Truly a couple who trusts in God and gives Him the glory!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!