Monday, February 25, 2013

montana trip : preggo sister visit!

This past weekend I adventured to the mountains of western Montana to visit my dear sister. 
 I should mention - we are both pregnant!  This made the trip extra special, as we have always hoped we would be pregnant at the same time.  

Despite my sprained foot, the four days were awesome.  Just spending time with her and her family {hubby, daughter and two boys} was really relaxing...oh, and getting a small break from my own.  
(Nice to have a solo 'mama trip' once in a while...thank you Hubby and in-laws!!!!)

We thrifted, (I may or may not have bought more girl clothes...just in case) drank coffee, ate yummy food, and just talked a lot, as sisters do.

Here is a few moments from our sister weekend...
girls night! malts, burgers and fries at old-fashioned diner, norm's news!
taking the boys for a walk to the park
sweet little grey
time to braid mama's hair
got our redneck chic on! (pronounced "chick" in montana)
sister lunch at the forge
a latte was in order

sister bump shot
I love you, Sister!  Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

What did you do this weekend?