Friday, April 21, 2017

a week in the warmth // beach + lego vacay

Recently we got a much-needed dose of vitamin D and relaxation down in Florida.
We road-tripped down to my in-laws' condo in Treasure Island 
and it was so, so, so nice to get out of the drear that was our weather and into the warmth + rays.
I tried to post a few things on Instagram each day for those who follow along, but here are some more photos chronicling our seven day trip...
My pale children are not used to bright sunshine.  Don't worry - we got them sunglasses.
reading this for book club - and excited for an upcoming Savannah trip!

These kids in the Burley bike trailer.  A little too close for comfort most of the time.

This is Cormac's comfort zone at the beach.  

Paul out in the warm Gulf waves with Fin.

She loves being immersed, literally in nature.

we exfoliated a lot.

The belly even was treated to various spa treatments.
relaxing on the beach...sort of.
start of day two! apple eating!
After day one's sunburn, hubby invested in a shirt.
The waves freak him out, but being buried in sand is totally okay.
Another reapplication of sunscreen under our new beach umbrella.
Sometimes they play so nicely together.  It's like 60/40.
Sunset from the condo's lanai. 
my burnt feet.  ow. 
The only day I put on full makeup deserved a selfie!  We went into St. Pete's and had a family movie date to avoid the mid-day sun.  We are really into movie dates, even on vacation.  
Then later we ended the day hanging on the beach at sunset and getting ice cream.
Had to dress uber-comfy for my biggest craving all vacay - Waffle House!  Which is weird as I never crave waffles. 
everyone wore their pjs or comfies!  
Cormac humored me and wore his WH hat the whole meal.
Last day at the beach!  This girl was born for it.  Peace out, ya'll.
Daddy/Son walk up the beach.  #guytime

After four lovely days at the beach we departed for the second part of our adventure: Legoland. Cormac had suggested this months ago after he had seen an ad for it before a movie.   "We can 'Stay and Play!' Mom!!!!" he had told me excitedly.  (Advertising money well-spent.)  It was so sweet to see him pumped about it, since just this year he started getting really into Lego sets and being able to put them together completely by himself. (Praise Jesus!)

I'll be totally honest : I am sort of dreading ever having to go to Disney World (and Hubby is pretty much against spending the money and fighting the crazy crowds.)  I figured this would be a nice alternative that would hopefully be more laid-back and non-stressful.  It was!  Hardly a line, so the kids got to ride a bunch of rides both the days we were there.  We stayed at the Legoland Hotel, which was super-kid friendly (obviously) and the kids had a blast.   I loved that there were zero lines or crowds or chaos.  It's just not my bag, baby.  I wish I was a chill laid-back mama who just goes with the flow and thrived on chaos...but I'm not.  
the real beds were more comfy.
Fin's fave ride, besides the 3D Ninjago ride.
Cormac now wants bunkbeds, of course.
Blondies and Nya from Ninjago.
The road trip home from Atlanta, just me and the kids after dropping Paul off at ATL to fly to London for work, was ROUGH, ya'll.  Only seven hours, but I think we were all super ready to be home and out of the vehicle.

I love road trips, but this age with the kids is difficult to keep them entertained and not fighting with each other in such close quarters!

Seriously considering a mini-van.  Not gonna lie.  :D

All in all - it was a sweet spring break week.