Monday, February 9, 2015

vaseline and a wind-burnt face make you look years younger!

This was my first time finishing a run in a very long time (ever?) where I questioned whether or not I could really reach my goal.  Last week I finished tired but as though I could have gone another mile.  This week I hit a wall with three miles left, mentally, but mostly physically.  My knees hurt, my legs felt like I was dragging two useless stumps along with every step, and my feet did not feel great.

But I finished the seventeen miles, walked (limped) a bit to aid recovery, and hobbled home.  

Instead of accomplishment I felt fear.  Fear that I would never make it to twenty-six miles.

Hubby and kiddos were encouraging as Hubby helped me stretch out my poor, poor hamstrings and hips.  The kiddos stood over me he did so, staring down with silly smiles and placing various magnets (they are really into magnets right now) on my face.  It was bizarrely comforting.

Then I went about my normal post-run rituals: first and foremost, getting a frothy, delicious chai tea latte at Panera, along with a French toast bagel with cream cheese.
this makes me happy!
I made a couple other necessary stops and a woman who owned one of the stores admired my wedding rings and told me I looked "too young to be married."  Wha????

I replied that it is probably because I have vaseline smeared all over my face to keep it warm/not chapped during my run, so I look like a greasy-faced teenager.  *awkward laughter from me*

She stared at me and I made a mental note to simply say 'thank you' when someone compliments me.
apparently she didn't notice my crow's feet???
Anyway, I think I really need to a) figure out how to work my legs out better...or stretch more effectively and b) work on my mental game.  I have one more long run slated before my cut-back week and I really want it to go better.

Any advice is welcome!!!

What do YOU do to get through a long run or hard workout when you feel mentally "done"? 

What yoga poses or stretches do you find most effective post-run or post-workout?

Last week's training...
Sunday: Recovery day - no workouts.
Monday: this 10 minute intense lower ab workout and this 10 minute core workout during naps; PM gym - light cardio + circuit
Tuesday: random free weight arm exercises, and this 18 minute Miley Cyrus leg workout  (I don't care how you feel about Miley, she's got great gams...this is a great lower body workout to do while watching your favorite show - super repetitive!) PM gym - 5K treadmill run at a 7:45 average pace
Wednesday: this 10 minute booty barre workout this 16 minute 'Miranda Kerr' butt workout during naps; PM gym - light cardio
Thursday: this VS Ab Workout during naps; PM gym - the same fartlek workout on the treadmill I did last week
Friday: AM yoga class
Saturday: 17 mile run
+ + + + + + +

And here are some random photos from last week with the lil blondies.  We have fun.
don't let this disgruntled expression fool you.  he spent a lot of time painting his face and was very proud of it.
eating a post-facepainting cookie.  I mean, it was hard work and all.
"inside" a fish tank at the children's museum.  this wins the "creepiest photo" award for the week.

we finally had a warm-ish day on Sunday - so we headed to the park!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Whatever your fitness goals, train hard!