Monday, July 9, 2012

vintage finds: the whole kit and 'caboodle'

One of the things I did while visiting my parents in Minnesota was acquire a beautiful booty of old stuff.

Some from the local Salvation Army.

Some from the antique mall in town. {"in town" is what the country folk call the small city nearby}

Some from the storage space in the old 'grainery-turned-Dad's-man cave'   These are things he was instructed to throw away but pheeeeeeeeew thank God he didn't!  It was like a treasure hunt.

Here are a few photographs of my finds...

Completely adorable picnic basket.  .

One of my old Caboodles.  These are considered 'vintage' now.  Wow, that doesn't make me feel old or anything.  Instead of makeup I stored a mish-mash of items such as pennies flattened on railroad tracks, notes from dear friends, post cards and admission bracelets to amusement parks.  Even now I can't bear to toss them...

Some pretty frames and a tie rack.

A stool which also has butcher block-top table that I plan to repaint and use as a play table in a toddler room someday, perhaps.

Old suitcases?  Yes, please.
One was actually in perfect condition, the other not-so-much but it was my dad's work briefcase for years and years so it has purely sentimental value.  

Another thing I found in my Caboodle...a plastic photo holder holding all photos of none other than...
Joey-Joe McIntyre from the New Kids!  Wow.  Just wow.

One of my favorite finds while thrifting in town...a beautiful old copy of Wuthering Heights:

An old camera with leather case for $14...and a $3 photography book from the 1950's just for fun.

Of course there are the obligatory mason jars...who can pass up their cuteness {and cheapness} for only $1 a piece?  Surely I can find a use for three more...???

And finally, the cake stand.  I wanted a smaller one than the one I have, and this little scalloped beauty fit the bill.  For only five bills.

One HUGE thank you to my mama for a wonderful morning thrifting and antiquing with me -
and for marrying a man who doesn't throw anything away.
Love you both.