Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 days of loves: day 12 {the fauxhawk}

...not really enough hair to rock this fabulous look...
...but at least we tried.  

14 days of loves: day 11 {girl babies!}

I have a 'boy baby'...but that doesn't mean I don't love 'girl babies.'

My SIL Jen is having a girl!!!!!  We were so excited to find out last week that there will be a girl baby on Hubby's side of the family.

Little girls are so sweet...have such adorable clothes...sweet, princessy rooms...

I am pretty positive I will never have a girl.  We plan on having one or two more babies...but I am quite convinced they will be boys.  I feel like I was born to be a "boy mama."  I don't mind that boys get dirty, yell, and are physical.  I thought I would looooove baby clothes...but I hardly have had to buy any, and would be totally fine having Baby 2 wear all Cormac's hand-me-downs.  Getting him dressed is not one of my favorite parts of our day together.

I am anticipating a houseful of sports-watching, logical boys.  I envision dirt-covered faces,  adventuring, camping trips, and lots of skinned knees.  Of course, I was a 'girl baby' and I had/did all of these things!

If I am blessed with a girl...of course I will love her endlessly!  I will relish all the girlie things and hopefully raise a strong, smart, down-to-earth girl.

I just have a feeling God put me here to raise boys.  Is that so weird?

Doesn't mean I don't love when other wonderful women in my life have girls....
like my beautiful older Sis.  Her "baby girl" Isabel was my very first niece and probably the most beautiful baby ever....

Then there is my niece Ella...who has the biggest smile and personality a sweet girl can have!

Girl babies are incredibly sweet...
My first ever niece is born!  Probably my first time even holding a baby {at age 24!}
Hubby and Isabel on her first visit to Ohio!
"Gimme five!"  I would be sure to raise a tomboy.
First time holding tiny and precious!
I am excited for another girl baby to snuggle!  
I know that Jen will be a lovely 'girl mama.' She will dress her in sweet, dainty dresses and she will be a perfect little angel.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
I'll share mine...whenever I finally catch up with these 'love' posts.
Is it okay to blame the baby?  ;)