Friday, December 14, 2012

preggo vlogs #3 and #4

Another two installments of vlogs!  
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional vlogger, clearly.  (Is there such a thing???)
I don't "dress up" for these, and sometimes I don't do my hair.  I do not plan out what I am going to say.  I just talk.  I try to stay on topic.  I try not forget what I am talking about.  Enjoy!

This vlog was filmed at 10 weeks along.  That seems like forever ago.
It is the 'one where I speak of my mental state' - or how depression can be affected by pregnancy.  I even made it sepia-toned to make it look more sad.  Just kidding.  I was trying to distract from my pasty pale skin!

This is the 'one where my scarf takes over my life' - at 12 weeks, when things start to look a little brighter!