Monday, August 30, 2010

finding center

"In Nature, nothing is perfect, and yet everything is perfect."
Alice Walker

Have I mentioned I love flowers? Okay, well, if not, I will tell you right now that yes, I do love them. Smelling them, planting them, receiving them, photographing might be a little obsessive how much I love them.

So the setting for my friend Kristina's wedding ceremony this past weekend had my heart a-flutter: The Athens State Botanical Gardens. As I walked around before the ceremony I couldn't help being inspired by the peaceful vibe of the gardens. It helped calm my mind from the "oh crap I have to go back to work tomorrow" reality that was setting in. So, despite the fact that my hair was frizzing, and I was sweating profusely in the Georgia heat, I managed to snag a few photographs that will hopefully inspire you as well...

Green is probably my favorite color in is unexpectedly vibrant, especially with this magenta heart.

This bright red array made me think of flames in a fire.

Enormous hot-pink blooms added some tropical flair.

I was alone on my stroll...except for the bees!

The meditation garden made me want to sit yoga-style and say om...but my dress and high heels wouldn't allow it.
After my walk through the gardens I felt, albeit sweaty, a lot more centered, and ready to head back to reality after a really fun wedding weekend. Back to working overnights for this girl!
Outrageous amounts of coffee, deathly pallid skin, strange "dinner breakfasts..."

Bring it on.



the details : a georgia wedding

"Caress the detail, the divine detail."
~Vladimir Nabokov

As promised, some glimpses of my friend Kristina's gorgeous weekend wedding through this blogger's blue eyes:

Even though I would/should never be trusted to do anyone's hair, especially not for their wedding, I was allowed to hang out in the bridal suite with the ladies, sip delicious orange-mango mimosas, and watch the bride's hair get curled to perfection.

Weddings are all about the bride. And her shoes. My tall and stylish friend chose bride chose glittery ballet flats. Original and so much fun!

As I mentioned, I am a table decor nut all the way. This wedding had two of my favorite things adorning the 'tops during the luncheon: wildflowers and Mason jars. I was in some level of heaven when I sat down with my sweet tea and grits.

This next one made my husband weak: cupcakes! In not just one flavor, but three: carrot, red velvet, and chocolate!

For those that fall for the stationary/printing details, here is a glimpse of ceremony bulletin -- the invitations {and cupcakes} had the same modern, pale blue leaf design.

Okay, and we must part with a "train shot." I am horrible at taking pictures of actual living beings, and I regret that this does not have her veil in it...but it does the trick. Gorgeous!

So those were my favorite "little things" about the wedding. It was simple and classic, and I enjoyed every moment of our fun weekend down in the beautiful South! How I will miss those Georgia drawls... Hayuppy Muuuuuhndayyyy, ya'll!

{ahem...they made fun of my Minnesota accent too...ya so ya knooow I dohn't feel too bad.}