Thursday, February 19, 2015

hair : an adventure of cuts and my new lob

Let's talk hair!
I'm definitely a person who likes to change up her style on a regular basis.  Always have been.  Even as a little girl there were several times when I decided I needed a chop and took the scissors to my long blonde locks - I think age four and six.  Sorry Mom!  (It was very traumatic for her, and now I totally get why.  Yikes.) But you must admit my longing for bangs and then just kinda making it happen was pretty brave/assertive of me.  Just sayin'.

So brave I have always tried to be, with both color and cuts.  Not exactly wild and crazy - but willing to try new styles!  I dyed my own hair all throughout high school, and this did not always turn out well (bright blonde, a weird shade of greenish brown, red!) but I didn't have the cash to have it professionally done so, again, I had to make it happen somehow.  

Post-high school and especially in the past five years I have gone from long to short and back again many, many times.  My hair grows really fast, so that makes it easier to change things up.  I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my recent cuts, and show you the latest cut!

Let's start back in 2009...

The Sleek Bob
Let me just say this is my favorite cut of all - a smooth bob just below an inch or two below my chin.   I have done it various times over the past ten years. The only part I don't like is that it is hard to put my hair up/back for the gym.  But it is definitely the cut that I feel suits me and my personality best.

The Shag
 This was supposed to be more of a choppy, textured bob - worn messy!  I really liked it because I had just had Cormac a few months earlier and wanted something updated but low-maintenance.  Once again, with this one I was happy to go short after having longer hair throughout my pregnancy!

The Long Pixie
I chopped it into a this cut after I lost all my baby weight with from my first pregnancy.  I had always wanted to try a super short style.  I know there are shorter, very edgy pixies, which I think are cute but I was not brave enough to go short and spikey.  Nor will I ever be.  I decided the pixie is not for me!  I have too giant of a head, and am not too cheap to go in and have it "cleaned up" every six weeks.   I liked the short and sassy look for a while...but not the upkeep or growing out process.  Next came - 
Long and Layered with Blonde Ombre
 So after two cuts of the pixie, I started growing out my hair -- about the time I got pregnant with Finola.  So it took about a year and a half to get from a short pixie to the length above, even with a few trims/re-layers.   I looooooved this blonde ombre (partial highlight.)  I don't look very good fully blonde due to my really dark eyebrows, but I liked it only in the lower half of my hair.  This style was really fun over the summer - I did a lot of braids and low side ponytails and messy top-knot buns.  Really versatile and feminine.    I like long hair every once in a while!  Hubby likes me to mix it up, too.  But then I got bored with it.  

Which brings us to....

 The Lob
This is pretty much "the Rachel" of haircuts right now, so I had to try it.  I really like the long pieces in the front and how it angles back shorter.  I did an even lighter ombre this time, starting the highlighting even higher.  I love the loose waves and beachy vibe.  It makes me excited for spring -- and our upcoming vacation.  Another reason to change it up!  

Has anyone else tried 'the lob'? 
What is your favorite 'cut for yourself?