Tuesday, April 19, 2011

baby bump alert: a mover and a shaker

 Two things have changed since my last "bump alert":
1) I now really have to let people do things for me.  It is hugely humbling for me to admit I need help with anything...particularly bending over to pick things up!

2) Baby is constantly moving!  I can now see my tummy contort and shake {which hopefully is normal?}, which only makes me feel more connected to him. It. is. amazing. 

I am also now the pregnant woman who literally always has her hand on her tummy.  Please forgive me if we are in mid-conversation and I zone out, press on a particular area of my abdomen, and grin wildly.  Just ignore it.  Or if you say something particularly sad or shocking, I immediately envelope my bulging tummy with both arms as though Baby can hear what you are saying and I can somehow protect him from it.  Yikes!  Overprotective Mom Alert!  

Weeks: 28
Weight gained: 25 pounds
Hours working per week{3rd shift}: 70+
Hours spent sleeping during the day: 10
Kicks per typical hour: 20+

I used to worry that when I started doing "kick counts" baby and I would come up short.  Obviously not so.  Baby kicks, flip, jumps, karate chops, flails wildly, head butts...it's GREAT!

Keep kicking the crap out of me, Baby Boy - I love it.

 {If I look tired in that last picture...it is because I am.
This mama is done tired, ya'll.}


Monday, April 18, 2011

rotini salad!

As the weather gets warmer I naturally crave lighter and fresher meals.   
Goodbye heavy stews, chilis, and heavily sauced stick-to-your-ribs pastas, and hell-O fruits, citrus-infused marinades, and chilled pasta salads.

Speaking of...today I'd like to pay homage the classic rainbow rotini salad.  I love it because it is light, simple, healthy, and colorful!  My mom used to make her own variation in the summer and I remember it being one of the first things I wanted to learn to make as soon as I was brave enough to start cooking {read: when I got married!!!!}

Reminder: I am still no cook -- but I am passionate about good food and enjoy every moment spent in my kitchen.  Er, except the dishes.

Makes a great side at a picnic -- or use it as a main vegetarian meal, paired with crusty bread.

Basil and tomatoes are probably my two favorite ingredients.  Period.
Aren't these the prettiest little cherry tomatoes?
I use this fabulous chopper to make pestos and other salad dressings.  
This one consisted of 2 cups basil leaves, olive oil, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

The "meat" of this meal would definitely be the halved {sometimes quartered} cherry tomatoes, but actual meat-lovers could add ham chunks or pepperoni slices. Other additions may include:  black olives, broccoli, parmesan cheese, or chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

Mix it all together and you've got your rainbow salad!  
Best served immediately after tossing...

What is your favorite summer pasta salad?
Do tell!
Share recipe!

l o v e,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

before and after: bathroom!

Our tiny bathroom redo is finally done!
Well, for now.

I have been waiting impatiently excitedly for us to be able to move into our master suite {previously used as a guest suite} so that we can make room for Baby's nursery in our former bedroom.  (Click {HERE} to check out the sweet little space we used to dwell.)
Because our house is very old, and previous owners put value in having a full bathroom attached to all bedrooms, all the bedrooms and aforementioned bathrooms are, well, tiny. The solution?  Ikea!  
*birds sing, heavens part*

I welcome any excuse to drive the 30 miles to Ikea with Hubby...
and our tiny bathroom redo was the perfect excuse!
It is where we found this beautiful, modern vanity cabinet...

...and these sinks and faucets!

Ikea such a great place to find stylish, small-space solutions at a fabulous price...
and Hubby and I love saving cash where we can.

So what did we do for $1500?
1. Moved plumbing in order to accomodate a double sink vanity.
2. Moved electrical and added outlets.
3. Installed new, gigantic mirrored medicine cabinets 
4. New light fixtures
5. Painted walls

{disclaimer: all labor done by Hubby...with help on the electrical from the Mustache Man. :o)  Thanks Rickster!}

before: tan walls, tiny sink space

after: rearranged space and cool blue-gray walls

before: no storage space

after: storage in mirrored cabinets, deep cabinet drawers, and hidden baskets underneath!
{click HERE to check out inside the medicine cabinets -- so great!}


{excuse the missing baseboard...these are getting replaced!}
before: wasted space!
after: utilized space!


{hoping to one day make this a tiled shower with glass enclosure...a girl can dream!}
{found this cute rug and storage baskets at Target}

Someday we will re-tile the floor and shower -- gotta save up some more cash!
Happy for now with the updated space...

How have you made your "house" your "home" lately?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

a spring day

"She had not known before, how much the beginnings and progress of vegetation had delighted her. -- What animation of both body and mind, she had derived from watching the advance of the season which cannot be unlovely...."
-Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

It is spring!
Even though there are many drawbacks to the fact that I am working 3rd shift this month, one big, beautiful  bonus is that I get more time outside in the daylight!
Here are some photographs from my jaunt on this 
sweet Sunday...



Friday, April 1, 2011

bathroom storage: {girlie dilemma to delight}

Men: before you move in with a lady, please be prepared for the necessary space she may require.
First off: 
I love old, historic homes.
Unfortunately, sometimes in order to have those gorgeous original hardwoods and 11.5 foot ceilings, you sacrifice large bathrooms/closet space.

Which brings me to my bathroom dilemma: all my crap...and where to put it.

My husband doesn't seem to get it, but: chicks have stuff.  Lots of it.  Many products that may or may not be necessary every day.  It doesn't matter. 

I adore girlie stuff: makeup, clothes, lotion, accessories, clothes, perfume, clothes...but I digress.

Since moving in to our home Hubby and I have been sharing one sink in the teeny jack-and-jill bathroom that adjoins two small bedrooms {sense a theme?} upstairs.   

Let me just say this: two grown people should NOT share one sink.  It is not natural.

Exhibit A: My crap Our sink on a given morning
{hubby loves me.  hates my crap everywhere.}

My itty-bitty space in the itty-bitty medicine cabinet. This is barely a fraction of my womanly wares:

{really narrow shelves = stuff falling into sink constantly}

 My crammed-full drawer:
{cursing ensues each morning when I have to take literally everything out of this drawer to get ready. Rrrraaaarrg!}
Now enter your exclusive sneak peak of the "new" master bathroom...

Both hubby and I get our very own {ginormous} mirrored medicine cabinet
{I love how much of my girlie goodness I can cram in this baby!}

Not one, but two drawers each...
which I have added some clear organizing bins to
so I can even more stuff!


Drawer two...I have a lot of empty space in this lovely!
{does that mean I have to buy more stuff?}

Mirrors and vanity sink cabinet were purchased at Ikea.
Installed by amazing hubby.

Organizers I just got on sale at Target.
No assembly required.

More of the bathroom reveal to come!

**heart pumping wildly in excitement**

Love --