Thursday, May 24, 2012

first birthday invitations: sneak peak

So I pretty much chose the theme for Cormac's 1st birthday party when he was still in the womb.  Then I hinted at it in this post.  I've been dreaming and planning it longer than a mother honestly should.   Mostly because I function best when I have a lot of things on my plate.  Or I'm crazy.

Here are the invitations in the works...

Yes, folks, we are having a 'mustache bash.'

I know the little man/mustache theme is super trendy right now, but I think it is absolutely adorable and really fits with the "tie onesies" our little guy has been donning throughout the year.   Also, I like it because it can be fun for adults as well...maybe a little more-so than Elmo?  We don't have a ton of friends that have kids here, so I thought about this when choosing the theme as well.   This might make me sound like a bad mama, but...pretty sure these 1st birthday parties are more for the parents benefit anyways.  Um, why don't we just call it a  "We-Survived-the-First-Year-of-Parenting" party?  I jest.  Actually, no, not really. 

Anyway, the invitations were inspired by ones like these, found on Etsy:


Clearly the ones I am making are considerably less fancy...but I know nothing about graphic design, and am on a budget.  Plus, I just get a huge kick out of making them myself.  :D

I still haven't finalized the design, and hope to add a couple elements, but...once they are actually sent out I will give you a full view of the invitations and envelopes.

I have had a lot of fun planning all the details, and am looking forward to celebrating the day with those here in Kentucky that love our sweet baby Cormac.  God knows I probably won't have much time or energy to plan 1st birthdays when we have another baby...or two.  

As for my family in Minnesota...we'll be having a mini-party at the farm in about a month!   

More on all things {first birthday} soon!