Monday, March 11, 2013

the renovation : back unit - the 'before' tour!

As promised, I am back with a tour of the back unit of 'the dream home.' 
We rented it out as a two-bedroom apartment for seven months and then let the renter out of the lease early when I found out I was preggo to start the renovation process.

Since moving in, we have lived in the front unit...basically another two-bedroom apartment.

It was definitely interesting going from living in a full-sized home for five years to a two bedroom apartment with a giant dog and a toddler.

But the sacrifice has been worth it!!!!

Progress is now being made on the back of the house so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel...having a full-sized, four-bedroom, 2.5 bath family home.
Our 'dream' home.

I showed you the front unit in this post.

Now, here is what we are working with in the back...

As you enter you have the future dining room...which sported this black wall when we purchased the house.  Yikes!

Can you even tell there are awesome floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases to the right and left of the arched doorway????  The bookcases, the extra-wide arched doorway and the door transom window were selling points for me in this room.
 As you exit the dining room you can look back and see the doorway which will lead to the front of the house, connecting the main floors.

Which brings us to the back kitchen - our future family room!  This will be our casual living space, which I am so, so, so excited for!    We have since sold everything you see in this photo, so it is literally a blank canvas.  Just try to imagine a cozy sectional, huge coffee table, new flooring and some great accessorizing. :)

This built-in cabinet will stay, though, with a little re-vamping!

Now we head up the stairs to the "kiddo wing."  I like this staircase because it winds around with several they can never fall too far.  ;)

(Looking back down the steps at the storage closet, former laundry closet, which runs the length of that wall.)

When you get to the top of the steps, there are two bedrooms to the right and left, as well as a bathroom in between.  The bedroom to the left will eventually be Cormac's room...

Don't be jealous of that awesome ceiling fan!

There are small his-and-her smaller closets in his room, to the right and left of the arch.

Here is the view from his room - our backyard space.
Yes, needs a lot of help!  Future project!

Here is the bathroom.  Not very big, but a four-piece, with clawfoot tub, which I love!

Then, finally, this is the future nursery...

There is the doorway that will connect the upstairs of the two units.

Baby will have the best closet in the house, at least at the moment!
Cormac likes to be put in this closet with the doors closed, and then burst out of it unexpectedly.  Love that kid.
The room has a little private deck coming off of it, another feature I love.

The door and window looking out on the small deck.
Sorry this is so dark!  I didn't use the flash, the light fixture sucks, and I took the photo straight into the natural light...oops.
So there you have it!   
Progress made with the kiddo rooms is that all the carpet and subsequent linoleum has been ripped out and toe-kick trim being removed to make way for the hardwood floors.  We are going with various widths of wide-plank heart pine to match the flooring in the other bedrooms upstairs, stained in a mid-tone honey color.  Installation should be complete by April 15th.

After a bit of a mess made by Cormac and I on the walls, the wall colors for the bedrooms, bathroom and hallway are decided upon.   
Painting will ensue this coming weekend!
Happy Monday!